How to Get More Clients as a Lash Tech

How to Get More Clients as a Lash Tech

Starting your own lash extension business is a dream come true for many make-up and beauty artists. But running a business, no matter how small, can be challenging, and one of the most common challenges is knowing how to get more lash clients coming through your door.

The bond between a lash artist and their clients is special and should be treated as such. By leveraging marketing strategies and building strong client relationships, you can create a sustainable cycle of loyal lash clients who return to you time and again.

In this guide, we'll take you through a selection of strategies to attract and retain a robust clientele, from utilising social media platforms to showcasing your work and networking within the beauty industry.

Why am I Not Getting Lash Clients?

It's normal to experience ups and downs with your client rotation. In fact, client attraction requires constant attention from local businesses. The first step to resolving this issue is understanding why it's happening. What could be stopping you from getting lash clients?

The most likely reason you aren't getting enough lash clients is that you don't have a marketing strategy in place. Sadly, clients won't just come knocking on your door; they need you to go out and find them!

Another common reason behind slow clientele is high competition. If there are many other lash businesses around, you might find yourself competing for local clients' attention. But we’re here to help and by following the advice below, you’ll be ahead of the competition in no time!

How to Get More Clients: 5 Show-Stopping Strategies

Creating a strong brand and building a solid reputation is crucial for standing out in a busy market. The lash industry is increasingly competitive, and finding ways to attract new clients is one of the best ways to ensure that you can continue pursuing your passion as an amazing lash artist.

Taking a beginner training course with Belo is one of the best ways to kick-start your lash business.

Once you have the right credentials, you can begin the process of building your brand and marketing it to clients wherever you go.

Now, let's chat strategy! How do you attract new clients as a lash artist?

Here are five ways to spread the word about your lash business:

1. Use a referral program

A referral program involves using word-of-mouth marketing to incentivise customers to tell their friends and family about your lash extension business.

One effective way to implement a referral program is to offer discounts to first-time clients or a discount every time a client recommends you to someone they know.

For example, if an existing client tells their friend about your lash extension business and they book an appointment, that initial client might get 10% off their next lash extension session. This is a great way to foster sustainability within your growing family of loyal clients!

2. Leverage social media profiles

Having a strong social media presence is one of the best ways to expose yourself to new clients and create a loyal following. Post high quality pictures of your work, upload before and afters, and engage with your online community as much as possible!

3. Make a business card

As important as a social media presence is, don't forget about physical advertising. Even something as small as a beautifully designed business card can boost your marketing game and add a more personal touch to your client interactions.

Plus, having your own business card means you get to design your very own brand identity!

Hand your cards out at events, to friends and family, or to anyone you meet who seems interested in lash extensions. Leverage social media accounts

4. Offer discounts to loyal clients

Everyone likes a good discount, and eyelash extension clients are no exception! Starting up a loyalty programme for your lash extensions is a great way to attract new clients and retain existing ones.

Consider offering people a 10-15% discount for every five appointments they book with you. So, every fifth appointment is a little more affordable than usual. This can help incentivise them to come back for your eyelash extension services again and again, all while building a better relationship with you as their preferred lash technician.

5. Invite existing clients to write online reviews

When it comes to attracting potential clients, online reviews and testimonials are worth their weight in gold!

Consumers love to hear how other clientele feel about their experience with your business, and reading an honest review can give them a clear insight into it.

Is a Lash Business Profitable?


If you are a trained lash technician and you have access to the right tools and service space, your lash extension business should thrive!

How Much Do Lash Techs Make Per Client?

The amount of money you can make as a lash tech per client largely depends on your experience level. But it also depends on you and how much you value your lash artistry skills.

The average lash technician makes between £20 to £80 per hour, which means you could make between £40 to £160 per one-on-one client session.

Running an eyelash extension business can be a very lucrative career if you have a steady stream of clients.

How Many Lash Clients Should I Have Per Day?

The answer to this question wholly depends on how much time you have available and what your preferred work ethic is like.

Full-time lash extension artists may take on anywhere between 2 and 5 clients per day. The great thing about being an independent lash technician is that you can choose your hours and how many clients you want based on the amount of time available to you personally.

Don't Stop Learning and Expanding Your Lash Services

Offering lash extension services is a sustainable and incredibly fun (when you know what you're doing!) way to make a living in the cosmetics industry. But once you know how to apply lash extensions professionally, don't stop there!

Keep learning and growing as a lash artist.

The more lash skills you offer, the more lash clients you can attract. By developing a range of lash services, you can market your skills to a wider audience demographic, filling up your schedule with new clients and building up a loyal following that only grows over time.

Continue learning about the wonderful world of lash extensions by taking regular training courses, networking with other lash industry peers, and keeping up to date with all the latest lash trends.

Spread the Lash Love

Learning how to get more eyelash extension clients is one of the most important things you can do as a lash business and lash technician. After all, clients are the wheels that keep your beautiful little business turning!

You've got the skills; now share them with the world!

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