TikTok Tips for Lash Businesses

TikTok Tips for Lash Businesses

In today’s digital age there are so many social platforms that push engagement and have become excellent tools for marketing different businesses, including the beauty industry. TikTok has proven itself to be phenomenal at this and has become one of the most popular platforms used amongst lash lovers. While Instagram has been rated as the go-to platform to push salon services, TikTok’s algorithm is literally built to help videos go viral, which we can’t stress enough, makes it so much easier for lash techs to reach a wider audience.

If you're a lash business that wants to target a wider audience, then this blog is for you! Using TikTok to create unique, creative, and aesthetically pleasing videos can be a great way to reach your target market. That’s why we’ve put together some of the best TikTok tips for eyelash businesses so all you BELO babes can develop an effective social media strategy to help your love for lashes flourish! 

1. Define your target audience 

As we know, there's such a vast user base on different social media platforms. This means that it’s crucial to define your target audience to effectively reach potential clients and boost sales! You can tailor your social media content and messages to your target audience’s preferences by understanding their interests and behaviour. 

For instance, if you want to reach other lash techs, you’ll want to put out content with any industry insights or tips you have. If you’re targeting clients, think of their pain points which your current clients are facing, and how you can fix them. Not only will your content really resonate with them, but as your engagement increases you will likely also see higher interest in your services. 

2. Be authentic 

The level of authenticity of content creators is becoming really, really important - particularly for those who are interested in developing a following on social media platforms like TikTok. For the lash artists with a TikTok account, being true to your brand can lead to a many benefits like building trust and credibility with your followers, making them more likely to engage with your content and share it with their own followers and friends.

Authenticity in your brand and content helps you stand out from the crowd; it highlights any quirks and uniqueness in yourself which differentiates you from your competitors. Don't be afraid to show your personality and share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your salon. 

TikTok appreciates authenticity so please make sure to showcase the wonderful personality of your brand in your videos. Your audience and account will appreciate and benefit from it in the long haul. 

3. Keep it short and sweet 

Keep those posts short and engaging! Let’s face it, we all scroll past hundreds of posts a day that don’t grab us straight away.

TikTok is filled with amazing content and if you don’t immediately grab your viewer’s attention they’re likely to just keep scrolling. This means you have a very narrow window to effectively grab your audience’s attention and keep them intrigued.

One great way is by participating in various hashtag challenges which are popular in the industry. Hashtag challenges are an excellent way to promote engagement and interaction with your audience (remember Avon’s #LiftLockPop challenge?), this in turn can assist in the increase of your reach and visibility.

If you’re showing off a new range of eyelash extensions you’ve just got in stock, then record a 10-20 video showing exactly what makes them unique and how they differ from other types of lashes. Show different angles of the product, the packaging, or even how they look on a client.

Remember, TikTok has an abundance of active users and so much available content, so create something short, sweet and engaging to make a difference on the platform. 

4. Use popular hashtags on your TikTok

If you're a lash artist looking to promote your salon on TikTok, you'll want to make sure you're using the right hashtags that resonate with TikTok users, especially the ones within your target audience.

One effective strategy is to incorporate popular hashtags related to eyelash extensions and beauty, such as #LashGoals and #BeautyTips. Using these hashtags can help you reach a wider audience and attract potential customers to your own lash business. Using these popular hashtags on your own original content, like tutorials on how to apply eyelash extensions or before-and-after transformations, will make sure that the right people are watching and enjoying your TikToks. 

When creating content for TikTok, it's important to keep in mind that TikTok users enjoy engaging with authentic and relatable content. This can help you establish a genuine connection with your audience and build a loyal following. 

  1. Stay on top of trends 

As a business owner, it’s important to constantly stay on top of the latest trends and those that are gaining popularity on TikTok to ensure your content remains relevant. Gen Z dominates the app, so ensure that you constantly stay relevant by tapping into their interests that are relevant to your business. Being aware of trends and participating in them grows your visibility and attracts new followers.

A really good way to ensure you’re always on the ball with these trends is to cross-promote with other influencers or business owners in your niche. Cross-promotion is an effective way to appeal to a wider audience and gain a lot more exposure; for instance, you as a lash technician can collaborate with other beauty influencers to create trendy looks that promote your lash services at the same time. If you want to stay talked about then cross-promotion is the way forward!

6. Make sure your content is high quality 

Producing high-quality content on TikTok is not only crucial for marketing your brand and attracting potential clients, but it's also an opportunity to showcase your expertise and skills in applying eyelash extensions. This is why it’s important to make sure that you’re creating the highest quality content and putting your best foot forward.

By using tools like this Half Moon U Shape Lamp, you can enhance the quality of your content and create stunning visuals that can potentially attract even more clients. Notably, our lash lamp features a clever phone holder that's adjustable to fit both Apple and Android devices. This allows you to take perfect pictures or video content of your clients' eyelash extensions with ease. Additionally, the clear and adjustable light ensures that your content is evenly lit, unlike ring lights that can produce distracting glares in your client's eyes.

Creating high-quality content on TikTok can also lead to opportunities for influencer marketing and cross-promotion on other platforms such as Instagram. Clients who are impressed with your work may recommend your services to others, leading to an increase in brand loyalty and recognition. 

You can follow all of these tips to the letter, but if your content is low quality then you’re going to struggle to reach the heights we know that you can. Viewers will relate the quality of your content to the quality of your work or products, so if your content is poor quality then the associated with your brand might be the same. It cannot be understated how important producing top-notch content on TikTok is for attracting and building your brand! 

7. Use music and effects 

Eyelash artists, don’t forget to use music and effects in your videos! Why?

Everyone who uses TikTok knows that the best videos have the trendiest songs playing in the background. Utilising popular songs and sounds that flow with the vibe of your content in your marketing strategy can make your TikToks that much more enjoyable, engaging, and shareable. 

Not only do they make for more entertaining videos but they’re also a great way to get people to stop in their tracks and watch your TikToks. If someone suddenly hears their favourite song playing while they’re scrolling through their FYP, they’ll be more likely to pause and check out the video it’s coming from. If it just so happens to be one of your videos that effectively showcases your lashing skills, you’ll be able to attract new attention by demonstrating your fabulous talent.

8. Collab with other creators

The TikTok duet feature is an absolute godsend for those of you who want to expand your reach. Taking advantage of the duet feature allows you to collaborate with other creators and expand your audience vastly and even internationally. 

By including your salon or business name in your bio and videos, you can promote your brand and connect with even more potential clients. More clients = more bookings!

9. Engage with your audience 

Strong engagement with your followers and target audience is a great way for lash techs to market their skills and attract new clients. This is because it demonstrates to potential followers and customers that you're constantly connecting and looking to build a genuine relationship with your target audience, giving them new content and replying to their comments. Consistent engagement allows you to establish a personal connection to your audience and build a community around your brand further strengthening your brand identity.

To engage effectively is quite simple: respond to comments, maybe drop a few ‘thank yous’ or cute emojis and answer any queries people might have. With this easy tip, we're sure you’ll see an improvement in brand loyalty.

10. Measure your success 

TikTok’s analytics feature, which tracks your performance on the app, is a valuable resource for growing your eyelash extension business’s account.

By keeping an eye on your TikTok account’s analytics, you can see what type of content is resonating with your audience and alter your content strategy accordingly.

With their in-app analytics feature you can keep an eye on key metrics like:

  • Follower growth
  • Engagement rates
  • Video views 

All of this together helps you identify what types of content work and what doesn't.

Lets not forget that using your business’ analytics data can help understand trends and capitalise on them. This in turn grows your audience and reach to potential clients, broadening your understanding of them and catering to their specific interest and preferences. 

All in all, tracking your performances on TikTok’s analytics is such an important aspect of constructively marketing your lash artist business and swelling your reach on the platform!

You’re bossing your treatments, now boss TikTok!

We hope these TikTok tips have helped you understand how user generated content can be such a game changer for boosting brand awareness. Eyelash business babes can benefit from all this activity because everyone has turned to social media for tips on obtaining the perfect look. 

By incorporating these TikTok strategies you can start to increase your visibility on TikTok and attract more and more potential clients to your salon. So go ahead and start creating content that showcases your skills and personality, and watch your presence on TikTok grow! 

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