How Much Can a Lash Technician Make?

How Much Can a Lash Technician Make?

Being a lash technician offers an exciting career in the beauty industry. For those who are self-employed, they have the flexibility to work their own hours and set a rate of their choosing. However, it can be pretty scary if you don't know what you are doing, where to start, or what your potential earnings could be. That’s where we come in! Below, we will guide you on your exciting journey as a lash technician, giving you an insight into the career as well as your earning potential.

If you have recently completed your training in the beauty industry and are just starting your career (either on your own or through a lash salon), it is natural to want to know how much money lash technicians can potentially make in the UK. Well, according to job sites like Indeed, the positions currently advertised in the UK offer salaries between £9.74 per hour in Newcastle upon Tyne and £14.21 per hour in Leeds. So, why such a big difference in starter rates?

Factors affecting a lash technician's earnings

As a trained eyelash technician, you offer a specialised service. You've completed the training by taking an eyelash extension course and can now charge to apply lash extensions for your own clients. However, how much should this service cost and what factors impact how much lash technicians can make?

Your level of experience, the potential clients you can make and retain, and how you market your own business are all factors that will affect your earnings. The hours you put into a business will also affect your earning potential.

Let's take a closer look at some of the factors that could impact how much money you could potentially make as a lash tech.

Experience and skill level

There are three main levels to being a lash tech: entry-level, experienced and specialised. Experience does have its perks. For one, highly experienced lash technicians who can demonstrate their skills and have a good reputation are far more likely to get more business through word-of-mouth.

Skills play an important role, but it is also important to note that these include both social abilities as well as technical skills. There is a course for just about anything these days, so taking a course to develop your skill set will allow you to gain more experience in the industry. All training courses can help you increase the services you can offer to clients and, therefore, grow your career.

Location of the lash technician

Location is everything when it comes to finding your client base. If you have a salon that is conveniently located in a fairly busy area, shopping centre or town where people will be visually exposed to your business, you will naturally have a higher chance of garnering more customers. The decor of your salon will also influence how appealing it is to potential clients.

Types of lash services offered

Over time and with increased experience, lash technicians can offer additional services and products to their clients. Starting out as an eyelash technician, this means you may only be able to offer lash treatments as a service.

Caring for lashes is a delicate business. Take your lash extension business to the next level by offering lash extension removal, lash tinting and lash maintenance. You could also offer lash lifts, beauty treatments and beauty advice as an additional service.

Clientele and demand

As previously mentioned, location plays a part in the number of clients you will attract. Many technicians will opt to work in a salon in a busy city, where they have to keep track of a wide range of clients. These clients could be corporate girlies on the go, or local customers who live closeby. Using diaries and planners can help lash techs to stay on top of their clients details and important information to help them provide personalised and consistent service. 

Other technicians may opt for quieter areas where they can build relationships with a smaller client base, relying on them for their continued business. There is always a demand for beauticians. It's now up to you to decide what pace you want to set!

Average lash technician salaries

According to some job sites, there are salons and businesses that employ lash technicians with an average salary of around £25,000 per year. However, this is largely dependent on factors such as the ones we have discussed above.

Entry-level lash technician

Over time and with experience, you will begin to notice improvements in your abilities, gaining skills you can only acquire with training and practice. Remember, every lash appointment will add to your overall experience, and this will help you to build your earning potential!

Experienced lash technician

Once you have gained some experience and a good reputation for eyelash extensions, your earning potential will undoubtedly increase. As an experienced eyelash tech, you could earn anywhere between £16.00 and £20.00 per hour.

Highly specialised lash technician

Once you become an absolute master and have a great deal more experience with lashes, you can market yourself as a specialist. With this well-deserved title, you could earn between £18,000 and £24,000 per year. Granted, these figures are usually for those working for a salon. If you have your own lash business, you could increase these earnings.

Tips to maximise your earnings as a lash tech

Here are some extra tips to help you increase your earnings with your lash business.

Build a loyal client base

When you take on a new client, impress them with your expertise. Customers love getting the best possible service from a friendly, qualified lash tech. They will be your top marketing tool to spread the word and refer new clients to your salon.

Further your education

Take time to increase your knowledge and skill set. Take part in more training, like an advanced lash course or other available courses, to help you improve your talents. The beauty world changes so quickly, and with advances in the industry, there will always be more to learn.

Expand your lash toolkit

Look at improving the tools you currently use. For example, if you purchased a fast-setting adhesive with a shorter drying time, this would free up even more time so that you could fit more clients into your day. 

Offer extra services

If you’ve already got your location and have started taking on clients, you can add extra services to your offering and increase your earning potential.

Plus, if you are highly skilled, you could create your own training courses to upskill new lash technicians looking to get started in the UK.


If you are nervous about starting your career in the lash business, don’t worry, there is no doubt that you can succeed in the UK! As long as you use every opportunity to develop your talents, improve your techniques, and grow your business, this will set you above the rest. Just be sure to take lash courses whenever possible and upskill yourself as a master lash tech. There are boundless, exciting opportunities out there for you, you just need to be confident in your own abilities.

Remember, when you have training and experience, you can reach incredible heights. You have a unique set of abilities, and the services you offer will leave your clients dazzled! If you would like to learn any more about how to grow your business, make sure to contact us for more information.

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