How to Become a Lash Technician

How to Become a Lash Technician


We understand what it’s like to be an aspiring lash technician. Training in professional eyelash extension treatments, or even starting your own lash business is a dream for many aspiring beauty professionals. At BELO, we hold our passion for eyelash extensions and our passion for entrepreneurship close to our hearts. In fact, Beth and Loren met whilst on a lash training course!

We’re going to share our roadmap on how to become a professional lash artist, some of the challenges you may face and how you can continue your professional development even once you’re qualified!


There’s a lot of learning and training you have to complete to become a lash extension professional. Every eyelash technician will have their own individual story on how they started their lash business, and there is no set path or limitation on what you can achieve once you set your mind to it!

Define your goals

Knowing where to start is half the challenge when training in lashes. Ask yourself: what are your goals for your lash career?

Having a goal is crucial to your success in any journey, and becoming a lash professional is no different. Before you start enrolling on training courses and developing your skills and techniques, you’re going to want to outline what it is that you want to achieve.

Are you a beauty therapist who wants to add eyelash extensions to your range of treatments? Do you want to be a specialist lash artist in a salon? Do you want to start your own independent lash business or grow an eyelash empire? There is no limit to what you can achieve!

Defining your goals makes it easier for you to understand what certifications you’ll need to achieve, the training you’ll need to complete and a timeline for how long it’s going to take you to achieve your goals. For instance, to become a fully qualified lash technician in Classic lashes, Russian Volume and Advanced skills you should expect to spend around 2 years to gain enough practical experience to be fully proficient in these techniques.

Prepare for your training course

A common mistake that we often see at BELO is that individuals will attend an eyelash extension course with no understanding of the lash treatment itself. Though that’s what your training will cover, it is very useful for beginners to understand what they’ll be learning on the training day.

Watch a couple of online videos of eyelash extension applications to see the practical elements of lash extensions. Even quick social media videos can be helpful!


Finding the right course for you

Not all eyelash extension courses are equal! Make sure to do your research to find which lash course will suit your level of experience and ability. You’ll want to consider the following when booking a training course:

  • What is your learning style? Different courses will have different teaching methods. At BELO, we recommend a blend of theoretical learning and practical, hands-on training. This will give you the foundation of knowledge you need to build on your technique.
  • Are you a fast learner? A one-day course may not be the right choice for some learners, even if you have an amazing tutor! Those who take longer to pick up practical skills may opt for a weekend course instead.
  • How are you going to get there? This may seem simple, but the practical elements of attendance on a course is always a factor! For instance, BELO training courses are held at our HQ in Middleton, near Machester, so our learners need to account for traffic if they’re travelling during rush hour periods. 

Enrolling on your eyelash extension course

Regardless of whether you’ve received any beauty qualifications in the past, you’ll need a completely different certification to perform lash treatments.

Classic Lash Training

A classic eyelash extension course is fundamental for your training in lash extensions.

An accredited classic lash course should cover everything from eye anatomy and the physiology of the lash growth cycle, hygienic practices and of course, 1-1 extension application. A good course will cover practical client-facing skills such as consultations, aftercare and building your eyelash brand.

To offer classic individual lashes to clients, you’ll then need to gain around 3-6 months of practical experience using models.

On a BELO LASH Beginner Classic Lash Course, you will gain comprehensive tuition from two expert lash artists. A BELO training day will cover everything you need to know for individual eyelash application and some pro tips for your personal development, including social media tips!

Russian Volume Lashes Training

To become a lash technician who is qualified in Russian lashes, you’ll need to attend a further course specifically for Russian Volume training. You will need to be fully competent in the classic lash technique before attending a Volume eyelash extension course, with at least 6 months of lashing experience.

Russian volume eyelash extensions are a hugely popular treatments for clients, and enable you to offer more varied services. The Volume technique is where more than one synthetic extension is applied to the client’s natural eyelashes.

A BELO LASH Russian Volume Eyelash Course is a great refresher for beauty therapists who may have taken time out from their careers but have previously trained in eyelash extensions or a beginner lash technician who wants to learn Volume eyelashes for the first time.

Advanced Eyelash Extension Courses

For eyelash technicians that want to further their skills and offer their clients a wider range of treatments, advanced courses are a great choice.

Advanced eyelash extension training are different to other courses as they will teach you advanced styles and mega volume techniques to offer your clients. Advanced courses will assume your competence in eyelash extensions and not spend time teaching fundamentals like anatomy and physiology. Advanced courses will be practical, application based courses.

Continued professional development (CPD) certificates show your authority in the lash industry and are an extension of your professionalism. If you invest in increasing your knowledge and skills by attending further eyelash courses, you can build trust in your clients and reflect your skills in your prices.

The BELO LASH Advanced Masterclass is a fast-paced, intense eyelash extension course for experienced lash artists. To attend a Masterclass, you’ll need to be competent in both Classic and Russian application. Having the appropriate skill level for a Masterclass entirely depends on the individual and the amount of practical application experience you have!


When it comes to lash courses, you really do get what you pay for. The quality of the course you attend will be reflected in the price. That is not to say that you should over pay for what you get, but ensure that you’re getting what you need out of the day and be prepared to invest in your skills.

You should take into consideration whether you are provided with a kit, how much experience your trainers have and reviews from past students. On a BELO training course, you receive a full professional lash kit and hands on tuition from not one, but two expert lash artists with years of experience in the industry.



As with any beauty business, you’ll need public liability insurance for your lash business. This protects both you and your clients against any injury or accidental damage of their property. Let’s say you spill eyelash adhesive onto their new designer handbag, you won’t have to shell out to replace it.


Make sure to gain accredited certificates from all of the eyelash extension courses you attend. This is essentially your receipt for your training, and ensures you can gain the appropriate insurance for your beauty business.

You can also display your accredited certificates in your workspace to show your clients your professionalism.


Decide whether you want to work independently as a mobile lash artist or be based in a salon. Whichever works best for you, you want to create a relaxing space for your clients and one that is the right temperature and humidity to store your eyelash adhesives correctly.

Lash Supplies

We’re obsessed with our premium eyelash extension supplies here at BELO LASH and we’re sure you will be too! There is no point investing in your skills and training if you use low quality eyelash supplies. Clients will notice the difference when you use the premium products, so shop our range of luxury eyelash extensions here.


Having a strong client base is key to the success of your lash business! Your skills will speak for themselves, but nice touches like providing aftercare kits, loyalty cards and luxury products can make the difference when building a client base.

Social Media

Here at BELO we’re huge believers in the power of social media. Social media can bring in new clients to your business, showcase your talents and build your brand. Take a look at our Instagram for inspiration on how to boss social media for your lash business!


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