How to Store Eyelash Glue for Best Results

How to Store Eyelash Glue for Best Results

Let’s dive into the world of lash glue and find out how to care for your lash adhesive so that it stays stronger for longer. 

Eyelash glue is a delicate product made up of ingredients like poly alkyl methacrylate, cyanoacrylate, and hydroquinone, ingredients that work together to cure and secure lashes, keep the lash glue stable and prevent it from polymerizing. With so much going on inside a bottle, it is easy to see why lash glue requires specific storage conditions to stay functional and safe for use on your client’s sensitive eyes. 

Knowing how to store lash glue prevents itchy, irritated eyes, helps you ditch lash stickies, and ensures that you craft moments of beauty that leave a lasting impression! 

So, let’s enter the glamorous world of lash glue care and all its many benefits.

What Is The Best Way To Store Eyelash Extension Glue?

For lash adhesives, sunlight, air, and moisture are the enemy! Lash glue dries out quickly when exposed to oxygen or too much light, making it clumpy, gunky, and potentially unsafe for your client’s sensitive eyes.

The best place to store lash glue is in a sealed, airtight container, and Belo has got you covered. Our Airtight Adhesive Container is a pretty-in-pink airtight container specially designed for storing eyelash extension adhesive. This sleek and stylish container’s airtight design guarantees that your lash glue will stay fresh for longer and that moisture and light won’t get in and do any damage. 

The container can hold up to three lash glue bottles and is conveniently travel-sized for easy transportation. It’s your one-stop pocket shop for keeping eyelash adhesive strong, safe, and durable.

What If I Don’t Have A Belo Airtight Adhesive Container? 

Belo’s container is undeniably the best place to store lash glue, but if you’re still working on building up your kit, don’t worry. There are other ways to keep your lash glue safe and sound. 

Store your lash glue in a cool, dry place, being careful not to expose it to direct sunlight or high humidity conditions. Keep the glue’s seal tightly closed at all times when not using it, and put it in a small, sturdy container for safekeeping. 

The Signs Of Expired Lash Glue: How To Tell When It’s Time For Change 

Simple! There are a couple of ways to tell when your lash adhesive products are getting old or have expired and are no longer usable. 

Knowing what the signs of expiration are can prevent lash extensions from being applied incorrectly and ensure your client’s lashes (or your own) are always gorgeous and well set. Here is what to watch for when your lash glue has reached the end of its lifespan:

  • Gloopy, sticky glue drop: Lash adhesive should have a smooth, homogenous consistency and look glossy and shiny. When you start seeing gloopy textures or the nozzle gets clogged, it is time to say bye-bye to your bottle and open a new one!
  • White or grey crust: Unopened lash glue shouldn’t do this at all, but if you’ve had an unsealed bottle for a while, grey residue can be a symptom of expired adhesive. You'll see this crust at the base of the cap or if you open the glue on the nozzle.
  • Grey, stretchy, or separated appearance: Expired eyelash glue can curdle and become separated into funky layers. This is never a good sign! Lash glue should always be consistent in texture and dark, not grey or ashy-looking. 
  • No sound when you shake the bottle: Fresh lash glue should be thin enough to make a mild sloshing sound when you give it a shake. If it’s silent, it’s definitely time for an upgrade. 
  • The lash extension does not stick sufficiently: The final and most obvious sign that your lash glue has expired is if it is no longer able to do its job of getting lashes to stick to lash lines. Bin it now.

The core tenets of healthy, happy lash glue are that it should be smooth, consistent, dark, and glossy. Any coagulation, greyness, or glossiness should be taken as a sign of expiration, and the lash glue is no longer suitable for use.

How Does Expired Or Bad Quality Lash Adhesive Impact Eyelash Extension Application?

Low-quality or expired eyelash extension glue can negatively impact the lash application process. The older the lash adhesive, the more likely it is to dry out quickly, making it hard for lash artists to apply lashes properly. 

Old eyelash glue is also just hard to work with due to its gloopy, thick texture. It will cling to your tweezers, collect more glue than necessary on lashes, and contribute to a wonkier, messier eyelash extension result. 

As a professional lash extension technician, using the freshest and best eyelash glue is essential. Not only will it make your job easier, but it will also create a much smoother, cleaner, and more beautiful finish. 

How Long Does Quality Eyelash Glue Last?

Well-sealed, high quality lash glue, like the kinds that Belo and London Lash offer, should last between 4 and 6 months. However, the time largely depends on how well the product is sealed and how high the quality of the product is, to begin with.

Pro Tips For Keeping Your Lash Glue Fresh 

Being organised and keeping your lash kit in good condition is an important part of your practice as a professional or aspiring beautician. However, it can be hard to know where to start if you lack organisational skills or are new to the industry. We’ve got your back!

Invest in quality storage units and containers 

A little bit of structure can go a long way! If you’re struggling to keep your lash kit in order, you could seriously benefit from a couple of trays, containers, and bags to keep everything organised and well-maintained. 

Practise perfect hygiene 

Knowing how to keep your lash glue cool and fresh is not just about extending its lifespan; it’s also about keeping it safe and hygienic. You should also always wipe the nozzle clean after use and ensure there is not a single drop of lash glue on the outside. This will ensure that the lid does not get stuck and that you can create beautiful lashes for longer.

Replace expired or old products routinely 

Don’t get sentimental about old products. Once they’ve expired, it is time to say goodbye! If you know certain adhesives are going to expire soon, make a habit of ordering in advance so that you never run out of the products you know and love for creating beautiful eyelash extensions. 

Can you store lash glue in the fridge?

Unopened lash glue can indeed be stored in the fridge to extend its shelf life and keep the ingredients in a stable environment. But opened lash glue pots should never ever be placed back in the fridge as this makes them gloopy and coagulated. 

Once opened, the best option for storing your eyelash extension adhesive is safely in an airtight container. You can place your container in a cool, dry cupboard for optimal shelf life and consistent quality. 

How To Keep Lash Glue From Drying Out

If you know how to store lash glue, you’ll avoid the dreaded dry bottle! The best way to keep lash glue from drying out is to make sure it is always tightly sealed and placed in stable, cool, dry conditions. If you are worried about exposing your lash glue to the elements, invest in an airtight container and triple-check for tight seals every time you use it. 

Store For Success

In the world of lash artistry, knowing how to store lash glue may not seem like the most glamorous topic, but it leads to glamorous results! Proper lash glue storage and maintenance are also signs of a responsible lash technician, and everyone wants their clients to think of them that way. 

For the best results, pop your lash glue in an airtight adhesive container, or find another way to keep it safe from overexposure to light, air, and moisture. This will keep your adhesives glossy, smooth, and safe to create goddess-tier lashes!

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