Best Bridal Lash Styles for Clients

Best Bridal Lash Styles for Clients

Planning a wedding can be an exciting, but overwhelming experience. From choosing the perfect dress to selecting the ideal venue, every detail matters. Amongst the many details is finding the right lash style for the big day, and with so many different lash styles available it can be hard for your clients to narrow down the right one. Not only does it need to work seamlessly with their makeup and dress but you also want them to feel completely comfortable and confident in their lash look.

As lash technicians, it's just as important to help your clients find the ultimate lash extensions for their wedding day as it is to apply the eyelash extensions perfectly. So, what are the best lash styles your clients will love for their weddings? Here’s our run-down.


Why a bridal lash look?

In our eyes, lash extensions for the big day are a no-brainer. Lash extensions serve as an elegant alternative to mascara and the low-quality false eyelashes that fall off after a few hours, providing a reliable and absolutely stunning enhancement of your client’s features. They look amazing in photographs which can often wash out or shrink peoples’ features. Plus, lashes can make a significant difference in a bride's overall look, adding that touch of glamour and sophistication to her special day. 


When should clients get their eyelash extensions done for their wedding day?

You want to make sure your clients' eyelash extensions are looking full and luscious for their wedding day, and so it's important to advise them on the right time to have them applied. As with any bridal beauty treatment, it's important to get it right and make them feel comfortable. 

If it’s a client’s first time getting lash extensions, it’s crucial to think ahead. Unless your client is 100% sure on the look they want, we recommend advising them to come into the salon and get a set of eyelash extensions applied a few weeks prior to the wedding. This way, the client is able to wear them for a while to see if they actually like the look.

It's one thing seeing a lash style online, but when it's their own eyelashes they might not feel like it suits them the way they were hoping, and the last thing you want is for your clients to not feel beautiful on their wedding day!

Then, after this initial trial run, you can complete the bridal lash look closer to the day. However, don’t leave it too close – as we all know you don’t want your client crying in the first four hours after their appointment and there’s a real possibility that happy tears will be shed on the big day!


Best bridal lash styles for clients

Finding the perfect lash style that complements a bride's features and personal style is essential. At BELO Lash, we stock a wide range of different lash extensions to help you create the following styles. Here are some of the best bridal lash styles for clients to consider:


Wispy Lashes

Wispy lashes are a newer style that have become very popular for their textured, layered look. The wispy lash is characterised by spikes that help to make them pop whilst retaining a natural quality to them thanks to the shorter length lashes too.

The wispy style can be created by applying classic lashes that are longer in length than the natural lash as well as intersecting them with volume fans to create a textured look. The volume lashes will be shorter than the classic lash helping them to really pop and create the feathery look. 

These lashes feature delicate strands that taper at the ends, creating a soft and dreamy effect. Wispy lashes offer a balance between natural and glamorous, making them ideal for brides who want to achieve an eye-catching look.


Doll-eye lash extensions

Doll-eye lash extensions can be a great look for a client's big day as this lash style is all about opening the eye and creating a cute, doll-like appearance. It's delicate, it's elegant and it's great for people with different eye shapes. These extensions are all about adding a touch of magic and creating that irresistible, wide-eyed charm that's perfect for weddings. Think of it as giving your client a dash of fairytale allure! 

The doll-eye lash look is achieved by combining eyelash extensions of different lengths, with longest lash extensions being placed in the middle of the eye and shorter extensions in the corner of the eyes. By strategically placing those fluttery individual extensions towards the outer eye area, you can make the eyes appear elongated and lifted, enhancing the natural beauty of the bride-to-be.

Different curl lengths can be used to achieve the doll-eye extension style, and this is important when it comes to the finished look. The D curl is the ideal option for this style, helping to lift the eyelashes and strike the right balance between a natural and dramatic look. C and CC curl lashes can also be used.

Great for clients who have more narrow eyes, almond eye shapes or wide-set eyes, this style can also be a good choice for those who have hooded eyes to help open them up more.


Cat-Eye Lashes

Cat-eye lash style extensions exude a certain allure and beauty that can only be achieved with this particular style. The eyelash extensions in this style is all about creating a captivating look that is reminiscent of, you guess it, cat eyes! To create this style, longer, dramatic extensions are placed towards the outer corners of the eyes, resulting in a flared and elongated appearance.

Start by selecting lash extensions that are longer and more voluminous than the client's natural lashes. Using tweezers, isolate an individual natural lash and apply a longer extension to it, gradually increasing the length as you move towards the outer corners. The outer lashes should be the longest, creating a winged effect that looks full and luscious.

This placement accentuates the eyes, giving them a sultry and lifted appearance. Ensure a seamless blend by using lashes with a curl that complements the client's natural lashes.


Natural Lashes

Not every client will want to wear dramatic eyelash extensions for their wedding. Instead, some will want to wear a more simple, subtle look to complement their natural lashes. The elegance of classic natural lashes is unmatched, as these lashes provide a subtle enhancement, adding length and volume while maintaining a natural look. The focus here is on creating a subtle lift to the client's own lashes without overpowering their features.

Natural lash extensions are carefully selected to match the length, thickness, and curl of the client's natural lashes. These are perfect for brides who want to embrace their inner glow and radiate a fresh-faced charm on their big day. 



So there's our list of the very best lashes to complete your clients' bridal looks. Careful planning and attention to detail is essential when it comes to getting ready for the big day, and no doubt your clients’ choices of lash extensions will be an important part of that.

A part of helping your client find the right eyelash extensions for them is knowing what lash styles are best suited to different eye shapes. Make sure to take this into consideration when discussing the different options and show them how different styles will look on their eye shapes. 

As a quick tip, if your client asks about wearing makeup with their eyelash extensions you can tell them makeup is fine as long as they avoid mascara! Wearing mascara with eyelash extensions can cause it to clump up, detracting from the overall look of the lashes. 

At BELO, we know the importance of making sure every bridal beauty treatment goes off without a hitch. That's why we want to empower you with the tools and knowledge to ensure every bride-to-be gets the exact look they're looking for. Contact us any time for more information on lashes and we'll help you and your client achieve the picture perfect, wedding day lashes that they dreamt of!

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