Does Heat & Humidity Affect Lash Extensions?

Does Heat & Humidity Affect Lash Extensions?

As lash technicians, we're in the business of beauty, where every detail matters and every lash speaks volumes. Our clients entrust us with more than just their lashes—they're looking for a transformation that radiates confidence and elegance. At Belo Lash, we're dedicated to crafting those moments of beauty that leave a lasting impression.

However, keeping lash extensions at their best is not without its challenges, especially when it comes to the elements. Heat and humidity, in particular, plays their own roles, subtly shifting from a distant concern to a pressing question as we dream of sunnier climates or plan those much-anticipated getaways.

Even if the peak of summer feels a while away, we’re sure that many of your clients are already picturing their next escape to warmer shores. It's our job to ensure their eyelash extensions withstand whatever adventure awaits.

Delving into the relationship between heat and humidity and lash extensions is essential, not just for maintaining the allure of our work but for keeping our clients' confidence as radiant as their lash-enhanced beauty, no matter the destination. In this article, we’ll look at the science behind heat and humidity’s impact on lash extensions and unveil strategies to keep those lashes looking flawless, equipping you with the knowledge to take your craft to new heights, wherever you or your clients might find yourselves.

Understanding the Impact of Heat & Humidity on Lash Extensions

Heat and humidity – those twin forces of nature – play a significant role in the drama of lash longevity and integrity. Let's delve into the science and artistry behind their impact.

At the heart of our work lies the delicate balance of adhering extensions to natural lashes, and it’s the lash adhesive that we trust as the foundation of our art that is also where heat begins its disruption.

Heat can dry and weaken the adhesive bonds that hold eyelash extensions in place, causing them to become fragile or even prematurely part ways with natural lashes. Not only that, but the synthetic fibres used in lash extensions can warp or melt under direct heat, altering their intended aesthetic.

It's not just about the temperature rise; it's about the directness and duration of heat exposure. Whether it's a sun-soaked beach day or a moment too close to a hairdryer, the effects can be more than just a little wilting.

It's also important to distinguish between direct heat sources, such as hair dryers, curling irons, and ovens, which can instantly damage extensions, and indirect heat, like that from a hot summer day or a steamy shower. Direct heat can cause immediate and visible damage to the lash extensions, making them clump together or change shape. Indirect heat, while less immediately dramatic, accelerates wear and tear on the lash adhesive over time, subtly shortening the lifespan of your client's eyelash extensions.

Humidity, on the other hand, adds unexpected moisture that can make lash glue behave unpredictably. High humidity will ensure that the lash glue dries quickly, causing the adhesive to become too tacky, not setting properly, or, conversely, speed up the curing process, both of which can affect the bond strength and the overall finish of the lash application. This is particularly crucial in the initial 24 hours post-application but remains a consideration throughout the wear of the lash extensions.

Together, heat and humidity can be quite the duo, challenging the resilience and performance of lash extensions. But fear not, with knowledge and skill, we can navigate these challenges, ensuring our clients' lashes remain as captivating as ever.

Key Factors That Exacerbate Heat & Humidity Damage

Understanding the culprits behind increased damage to lash extensions in the presence of high heat and high humidity can empower us to better protect these delicate beauties. Here are the key players:

Direct Sun Exposure: Just like our skin, eyelash extensions can suffer under too much sun. The UV rays can break down the adhesive quicker and can even alter the colour and texture of the lash fibres themselves.

Excessive Sweating: Active lifestyles don't have to be at odds with fabulous lashes, but without the right precautions, sweat can seep into the lash line, disturbing the adhesive's setting and bond.

Swimming and Water Activities: Chlorinated pools and salty seas are quintessential summer pleasures but can be harsh on lash extensions. Water acts as a slow but steady force, weakening the bond between the natural lash and the extension over time.

Air Conditioning and Fans: Seeking solace from the heat under the cool breeze of a fan or air conditioner? Be mindful. Continuous air flow can dry out the eyes and lash line, potentially leading to increased lash fallout.

Improper Aftercare: Last but not least, the way lash extensions are cared for at home plays a monumental role. High heat and high humidity demand a bit more diligence - think gentle cleansings, avoiding oily products, and using protective sealants.

By arming ourselves with this knowledge and sharing it with our clients, we can ensure that eyelash extensions continue to thrive, bringing joy and beauty, regardless of the weather's whims. With a little foresight and a lot of lash love, the battle against heat and humidity is one we can gracefully win.

Lash Extension Care in Heat & Humidity: Tips for Lash Techs

As lash technicians, our expertise extends beyond the application table; it encompasses the entire lifecycle of lash extensions. By implementing these guidelines, we empower ourselves and our clients to maintain the allure of eyelash extensions against the backdrop of heat and humidity challenges.

Storage for Lash Adhesives

Lash adhesives, the cornerstone of flawless lash extension application, are notably sensitive to environmental conditions like high heat and high humidity. To keep your lash glues performing optimally and ensure they're in prime condition when it's time to beautify your clients, here’s what you need to know:

The best place for your lash adhesives is somewhere cool and dark. Why not elevate your storage game with one of our Air Tight Adhesive Containers? Not only do they look chic on any workstation, but they're also designed to protect your adhesives from the unpredictable swings in humidity and temperature. Capable of holding up to three bottles, these containers are an essential addition to any lash technician's toolkit.

For those adhesives still waiting for their debut, the fridge offers a perfect retreat, assuming the temperature stays steady between 2°C and 10°C. Once you’re ready to use them, transition to an airtight container for daily use, keeping everything just right for your next lash treatment.

With these storage tips, your lash adhesives will remain in pristine condition, ready to create lasting beauty, session after session.

Mastering Humidity for Perfect Adhesion

Navigating the delicate balance of humidity is essential for lash extension perfection. The ideal range for lash adhesive performance sits comfortably between 40-60% humidity. Sudden shifts in this delicate balance can unexpectedly affect the adhesive's curing time, leading to potential issues with lash retention. It's crucial, then, to maintain a vigilant eye on your salon's humidity levels, ready to adjust your environment as needed to preserve the integrity of each lash application.

Consider incorporating a dehumidifier or humidifier into your workspace. These tools can be invaluable allies in keeping conditions optimal, ensuring that every lash set you apply stays flawless for longer.

The Importance of Room Temperature

Temperature, often overlooked, plays a pivotal role in the behaviour of lash adhesives. As the temperature rises, you may notice your adhesives becoming more fluid, reacting quicker than usual. This sensitivity to warmth necessitates an adaptable approach to lash application; particularly, when room temperatures deviate from the ideal range of 18-24 degrees Celsius.

If you find yourself grappling with these warmer conditions, a slight adjustment in the amount of adhesive used can make all the difference. This means being nimble with your application technique to ensure that every lash extension adheres as intended, without compromise.

Moreover, keeping your salon's temperature controlled isn't just about comfort—it's about ensuring the longevity and beauty of your lash applications. Investing in air conditioning or fans for hotter days can help maintain a stable environment, making it easier to manage adhesive consistency and set times.

Adhesive Shaking: A Must-Do

With warmer weather, the composition of eyelash extension glues can become more fluid, leading to potential inconsistencies in application if not properly prepared. To combat this, a vigorous shaking routine becomes crucial.

Before each use, shaking your adhesive for 30 seconds to a minute is vital. This ensures all the ingredients are evenly distributed, providing a consistent and reliable bond every time. Think of it as waking up the adhesive, ensuring it's fully ready to perform at its best.

Lash Extension Care in Heat & Humidity: Tips for Clients

As a lash artist, your expertise doesn't just lie in applying those fluttery extensions but also in guiding your clients on how to maintain their allure, especially when facing the dual challenges of heat and humidity.

We’ve covered some of the things that you can do to aid your treatments, here's some tailored advice you can share with your clients to ensure their eyelash extensions continue to enhance their beauty, regardless of the weather conditions.

Daily Lash Care

To keep your lash extensions looking as lovely as the day they were applied, a bit of daily care goes a long way. 

Encourage clients to cleanse their lashes daily with a lash extension-friendly lash cleanser. By doing this each day, your clients will gently wash away any build-up and maintain the integrity of the adhesive bond.

After cleansing, a soft brush-through with a clean lash wand will keep your clients’ lashes aligned, fluffy, and free of tangles, helping to prevent any premature fallout. This daily ritual ensures extensions continue to enhance their beauty effortlessly.

Scheduling Regular Refill Appointments

Your client should think of regular refill appointments not just as routine maintenance but as essential care to keep their lash line looking full and fabulous. These sessions provide an opportunity to address any wear and tear, ensuring their extensions always look their best. Keeping up with your refills is crucial, especially in the warmer months when high heat and high humidity can accelerate the natural life cycle of lash extensions.

Sealants Application

Before heading off to humid destinations or simply to combat the everyday humidity at home, ensuring clients apply a lash sealant is a wise move. Our Lock It In Sealant is designed to form a protective barrier around the base of the lash extensions, shielding the adhesive from water, sweat, dirt, and oils that can weaken the bond. This not only extends the lifespan of extensions but also maintains their pristine condition.

For optimal results, they should use a microbrush to apply a small amount of the sealant to the base of the lashes 2-3 times a week, following a thorough cleanse with a lash cleanser. This added layer of protection will keep your clients’ lashes in tip-top shape, come rain or shine.

Recommend Sunglass Protection

When enjoying the great outdoors, sunglasses aren't just a style statement—they're a protective measure for your lash extensions. Direct sunlight can weaken the adhesive bond, leading to faster wear. Encouraging clients to shield their eyes with sunglasses helps protect their extensions from the sun's harsh rays.

Advise on Drying Techniques

After any exposure to water, be it from a shower, swim, or unexpected rain, gently patting the lashes dry is crucial. Rubbing can stress the lash extensions and adhesive, risking damage and fallout. A soft touch ensures longevity and keeps those lashes looking flawless.

Warn Against Direct Heat

Exposure to direct heat sources, such as hairdryers at high temperatures or open ovens, can be detrimental to lash extensions. Advising clients to steer clear of high heat ensures the adhesive remains intact, preserving the beauty of their extensions.

By following and sharing these essential care tips, your clients can enjoy durable, beautiful lash extensions regardless of the weather. It's all about giving them the knowledge and tools they need to protect their investment and continue to enjoy the confidence that comes with perfect lashes.


As we wrap up our exploration into how heat and humidity impact lash extensions, it's evident that while these elements pose a challenge, they're far from insurmountable. Armed with the right knowledge, care techniques, and products, both lash technicians and their clients can ensure that lash extensions continue to thrive and beautify, regardless of climatic conditions.

Remember, your expertise and guidance are invaluable to your clients. Share these tips and educate them on the importance of aftercare, especially during those warmer, muggier months. Your role extends beyond the initial application — you're helping them to achieve lasting confidence.

Still have questions about maintaining your lash extensions in the heat? We're here to help ensure your lash extensions remain flawless, come rain or shine. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Let's keep those lashes looking their absolute best, no matter the temperature.

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