Best Lash Extension Styles for Almond Eyes

Best Lash Extension Styles for Almond Eyes

No two clients are the same, and in order to provide your clients with lash extensions that they love, you have to be ready to work with a range of different eye shapes. Some lash extensions work better with certain types of eyes, and today we’re going to look at the best lash extension styles for almond eyes that will make them pop!

Make sure you're ready to completely transform your lash game; once you learn our top techniques and tips, your clients never go any other lash style. With our help, you'll soon be creating cosmetic masterpieces to complement and accentuate your clients' eyes. Let's get started! 

Understanding almond eyes: features and characteristics 

Almond-shaped eyes get their name from the natural shape and resemblance to – you've guessed it - almonds! These eyes are slightly more pointed at either end and are about twice as wide as they are high. Even though they're very common, they can often be tricky to identify. To make it a little easier, think of this eye shape as an oval with sharp ends. 

When it comes to lash styling and picking the best eyelash extensions for this eye shape, we’re happy to tell you that it’s one of the most versatile and proportionate types of eye. As they're suited to a range of eyelash extension styles, they're a lash tech's dream. This particular eye shape allows for plenty of experimentation and flexibility. It’s the perfect chance to let your creativity flow - what could be better? 

Almond eyes are common, so it's important to know what extensions suit them best. That way, you can recommend the most suitable lash style to your clients when they're not sure what they want. So, without further ado, let's jump right into our selection of top eyelash extension styles for almond-like eyes. 

Selecting the right lash styles for almond eyes 

Lash style 1: Open Eye 

The Open Eye lash extension style aims to achieve the illusion of bigger and more open-looking eyes. Open Eye lashes usually add length and volume to the centre of natural lashes. And, since the almond eye shape is wider than it is high, this style can accentuate the natural eye shape while maintaining its proportions. 

Plus, almond-like eyes have a very distinctive taper at the inner and outer corners. When you place longer lash extensions in the middle of the eye, you can help your client draw attention to the centre of their eyes, making them appear more open. What we're aiming for with these extensions is a more 'awake' or 'doe-looking' eye. 

Lash style 2: Cat Eye 

The upturned eye shape closely resembles that of the almond, apart from its slight tilt upward towards the outer corners. Upturned eyes have a natural cat eye shape, so it is relatively easy to replicate this style on naturally almond-like eye shapes. 

Since almond eyes are slightly pointed at the outer corners, the Cat Eye lash extension style is very effective at accentuating their elongated appearance. By extending the eye’s outer corners, we can help draw focus to the outer edges of our client's eye shape, making them look even more striking. 

It's important to remember that almond eyes are slightly narrower than upturned eyes, which means you'll want to let your client know that this eyelash extension style can narrow them even more. 

Lash style 3: Fox Eye 

Fox Eyes are super trendy right now - and for a great reason. This fun eyelash extension style is similar to the Cat Eye but with a little more pizzazz. Since these lashes are more dramatic than the Cat Eye style, you can expect an exaggerated effect. 

The goal of Fox Eye lashes is to bring the shape of your client's natural lash forward to make them appear more 'awake.' 

Lash application techniques for almond eyes 

Placement tips for almond eyes

The slight nuances of this eye shape make a huge difference to the placement of the lash extensions. As these eyes have pointed outer corners, you'll want to emphasise this by adding longer extensions toward the ends. 

Gradually increasing the length of the extensions as you move along the eye keeps them attractively short and subtle in the inner corner. You don't want to make the middle of the eyes too heavy, as this will close the lash line. In turn, this can make the eyes look more closed, which will change the shape to resemble hooded eyes instead. 

Customising lash length and curl 

Almond eyes are the best canvases to experiment with different lengths and curls. You'll want to make sure the length is gradually increasing along the natural lash line, rather than adding longer lashes to the middle of the eye. But, other than that, you can play around with layering to give your client the look they're after. 

Almond-like eyes are versatile, which makes them great for experimenting with curls, too. Depending on what your client wants, you can use an L, B, D, or even a C curl. For this reason, we'd recommend stocking up on lashes with different curl types, like the Velvet Easy Fan Lashes

L curls are usually the best pick for eyelash extensions since their angular shape complements the outer corner of the eye shape. On the other hand, D curls can help to lift the lashes for a more dramatic look. 

Care and maintenance tips for almond eyes 

To ensure that your lash extensions perfectly complement your almond eyes and maintain their allure, it’s important for your clients to take appropriate care of them. 

Proper aftercare for lash extensions on almond eyes 

Since almond-like eyes are really easy to cater for, you're going to want to ensure your clients leave with the appropriate post-treatment knowledge to keep their lashes in good condition. 

You'll want to be sure to let them know that they should avoid waterproof or oil-based makeup, as it can loosen the bond of the adhesive. They'll also want to avoid tugging on their lashes since it can cause shedding (which can be such a pain!). 

Handling potential challenges 

Like aftercare, you'll face pretty standard problems when you're applying a lash set for almond eyes. Keep an 'eye' out for the following:

  • Be prepared for lash shedding, and inform your client that losing a few lashes during the first two weeks is completely normal. It'll also be more common if you've layered up their own lashes with products like Pretty in Promades for more volume toward the outer corner. 
  • Depending on the style of lash they choose, you may need to perform regular touch-ups. 
  • Make sure to schedule follow-up appointments with your client every two to three weeks so that you can make sure their lashes stay looking perfect for longer. 


If you're ready to take the leap and take your lash application game from drab to fab, you've come to the right place. As almond eyes are one of the most common eye shapes, you’re more than likely going to be faced with a lot of clients with this eye shape. 

When this happens, you want to make sure you’ve got a range of lash styles ready to go, making sure they leave your salon in love with their new lashes. 

Whether your client wants the stylish cat eye look or trendy fox eye, remember to use high-quality eyelash extensions to make both yours and their vision come to life.

Here at Belo Lash, we've got the best eyelash extension styles for every eye shape, so be sure to contact us today to find the perfect lashes for your clients. 

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