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Pink Tweezer Case

Pink Tweezer Case

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The BELO tweezer case is the perfect storage accessory for your favourite lash tweezers!

Every lash tech knows that beautiful eyelash extensions are only made possible using high quality, professional lash tweezers. To properly care and maintain the quality of your tweezers, it's important to store them safely and securely. The BELO tweezer case is not only a cute accessory for your tools, it is functional, featuring a clasp fastening to secure your tools. You can be sure your lash tweezers are safe and ready to use when you need them. 

About the BELO Tweezer Case:

The BELO tweezer case is a convenient handheld size and holds up to 7 eyelash tweezers! This means that you can store all of the tweezers for different techniques together, no matter the shape of the tool! The BELO tweezer case is roomy enough to hold your angled isolation tweezers alongside your curved volume tweezers and ensure that they don't brush against each other. Our tweezer case has a soft lining which protects the stainless steel material of your eyelash tools and an elastic fastening so your tweezers don't budge. 

Be sure to clean and dry your eyelash tweezers after lash treatments and before storing them. This ensures that your lashing tools remain hygienic to use and function properly. To clean your tweezers after an eyelash extension treatment, wipe off any excess adhesive and sterilise your tools in Barbicide.  

Want to fill out your tweezer case with all of the tools you need for eyelash treatments?

The BELO Tweezer Pick and Mix bundle allows you to save when stocking up on your professional lash tweezers. Simply select which three eyelash tweezers you would like from our range of isolation, volume, and fanning tools and save up to 30%! 

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