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Half Moon U Shape Lamp

Half Moon U Shape Lamp

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Help your clients to achieve lashes they could only dream of with the BELO Lash Half Moon Light!

This high-quality light is the perfect addition to any professional lash setup and beauty salon. The bright LED offers clear, natural-looking lighting allowing you to see every detail as you apply lashes. It also features dimmable lighting so you can adjust the brightness to the needs of your workspace and your client's requirements.

You can choose between warmer lighting for content creation, neutral lighting for treatments, all the way to colder lighting as the light has a colour temperature control between 3000-6000k. The colour temperature of the light is controlled through the toggles on the edge of the LED light strip.

This also allows you to adjust the heat so that the lamp will not give off excessive heat, ensuring your clients stay comfortable and happy during lash applications. This lashing light is specifically designed with lash treatments in mind, making it the perfect companion for your treatment room. The LED strip also ensures that the piece of equipment is energy efficient when compared to older lighting. 

The lamp features a full 360 degree rotation allowing you to be able to effortlessly light any part of the face or move around during the treatment. The lamp is also entirely adjustable between 125-180cm, meaning you can utilise it for multiple purposes! This adjustable feature is also helpful to allow you to set the lamp depending on the height of your therapy bed and the client's stature. 

Not just this, but the BELO half moon light is extremely lightweight meaning it is easy to transport and move when you need to. Available in both black and white, this lamp look both professional and stylish, no matter your beauty business' aesthetic! 

The curved, half moon design also ensures shadowless lighting whilst working on your client's lashes. This is a big advantage of using our moon lamp over a traditional ring light, as you can be sure to have consistent lighting throughout the treatment and in your photo and video content. 

Using your BELO lash lamp for content creation

Not only is this light ideal for the lash procedure itself, but it also features a clever phone holder to help take pictures of your eyelash extensions. The phone holder is completely adjustable to the size of your phone, so it is suitable for Apple and Android users. 

The clear, adjustable light helps to achieve perfect photos every time, no matter the lighting in your beauty room. As opposed to a ring light, our half moon light ensures that the lighting in your content is even. You don't end up with the ring glare in your client's eyes on images, so nothing distracts away from the showing off your client's eyelashes in pictures!


  • Power: 36 watts
  • 360 lamp rotation
  • Fully adjustable LED lighting 
  • Brightness: Dimmable
  • Product weight 3.3kg
  • Colour tempetaure: 3000-6000k
  • Dimmable ligthing
  • Phone folder for perfect photos

Product inventory

  • Moon lamp
  • Support rod
  • Mobile phone bracket
  • Adaptor 
  • Manual
  • Base 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
On The Lash With Ruby

Really happy with my new half moon lamp. Been using a ring light for 3.5 years and wanted to change over to a half moon and found Belo lash had one reasonably priced and without all the gems stuck on like a lot of competitors do which just doesn’t match my room aesthetic. It’s great for lashing and taking pictures, adjustable height, light brightness and warmth/cool setting. It looks so much smarter and takes up so much less room. Couldn’t recommend enough


I have purchased 2 white half moon lamps and can say these lamps are the best in the game!!

Struggled for years with a ring light not reaching the whole face but these lights are amazing for giving full light coverage. They’re also a lot less bulky than a ring light.

They are easily adjusted for height and have dimmers for brightness and lighting tone which is amazing. The lights also come with a phone attachment which is great for taking pics or recording videos.

Elisha Cooper
If you’re a lash tech you need this lamp!

It is so flexible, has so many features and so easy to use.

It can be easily adjusted in height and the brightness of the light which my clients say is more comfortable on their eyes than my old light. It also eliminates any shadows while lashing or taking pictures compared to other lash lights I’ve used.
The different colour light temperatures neutral, warm and cold are perfect for various uses. They are also perfect for taking lash pictures and the phone holder makes taking videos so easy.