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Moon Lash Mirror

Moon Lash Mirror

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A high quality lash mirror is an essential accessory in any lash technician's tool kit. Use this mirror in every lash treatment to check your client's eyelashes throughout applications to ensure utmost quality, symmetry and placement. 

Most mirrors for lashing don't provide a wide enough view to see your work clearly, especially for mega volume lashes. Here at BELO Lash, we specifically opted for a half moon lash mirror shape as we know from experience that this compliments the shape of your client's eyes. No matter whether you're completing a classic, volume or mega volume lash extension treatment, a different perspective is necessary to ensure your placement is on point. 

Lash mirrors ensure that your lashing is precise in every eyelash treatment. Our lash mirror is the perfect tool to check how eyelash extensions look from the front view, which is particularly important when trying to achieve lash maps which require perfect symmetry, such as doll-eye and doe-eye looks. 

About our Moon lash mirror:

Our moon eyelash mirror is made from durable glass and stainless steel, so you can be sure that you have a tool that is going to be able to withstand consistent use. We recommend to clean your mirror every day to ensure hygienic practice and to use a little glass cleaner to ensure your mirror is crystal clear. 

Top tip: use our mirror when taking photos of client's eyelashes for social media! The half moon shape of this mirror has a large surface area which allows you to feature the whole of the eye in your images, unlike other round eye and dental mirrors. Our mirrors have a polished silver finish to create the illusion of a borderless mirror image, this enables you to ensure your pictures always focus on the main event - your client's beautiful lashes!

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