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Designed to pro long the life of your lash extensions by assisting the curing process of the adhesive. The sealant forms a seal around the base of the lash extensions and helps to protect from water/sweat/dirt and other elements which can break down the adhesive bond. The sealant can be used post treatment and also be sold to clients to promote retention!

How to use
Lash Tech: After application, remover the mascara wand the sealant comes built in with and use a microbrush to apply a small amount of sealant to the base of the lashes only the sealant will also help to reduce glue fumes so no need to air dry!
Client: Use in the same way 2/3 times a week following lash cleanse.

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10 reviews for Lock it in Sealant

  1. Roxie – KR__lashes

    since using this sealant i have seen a massive change in retention on my clients!
    used with forever bond and bulletproof glue. it is the most needed duo!

  2. Elisha Mai

    Swapped over to this from another brand and my clients are getting much better retention since I’ve been using it. I start with the Belo forever bond and finish with this. They are the perfect duo for perfect lash sets that last

  3. Leandre

    “Woah”this product is giving my clients 4-5 weeks coming for infills with lashes looking amazing still,making my job much easier,and it lasts so long ?

  4. Jessica Jones

    Since using this glue my retention has been amazing!! Normally I have clients coming back every few weeks with no lashes left they’re now coming back basically how I first did them making my infills quicker and easier! Loveeee it!!

  5. Elisha Mai

    Oh how this little beauty has been working it’s magic on my lash sets! My clients can get 3-4 week infills out of there lash sets due to this gem! I’m not having any issues with lash retention anymore since using this. My clients can now go to the gym and have a shower without worrying that there lashes are going to fall out! I would 100% recommend you purchase this product <3

  6. Phoenixlongson08@hotmail.com (verified owner)

    This sealant is everything!!

    I love using after a set, it makes retention so much better and takes time off my sets! Literally wouldn’t want to do a set without it ? I LOVE

  7. Ralitsa Kitova

    Retention Game Changer! Totally recommend it as this has made my sets last with weeks longer than usual!

  8. Lashes by Heidi mai

    Amazing retention with this sealant ! Used it ever since I started lashing ! Will not use any other , paired with the bestie bond glue ! Amazing !Xxxx

  9. Chloe Uptom (verified owner)

    Ever since using this I’ve seen such a massive change in my retention and how long my clients lashes are lasting! it’s my go to for after treatment always! Xx

  10. elisha gurung (verified owner)

    I brought this with the retention bundle, great product, I started to use this and the bonded together and the retentions of my client has improved a lot thn when I didn’t use anything for sure!

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What is the difference between regular volume lashes and fast fans?

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