Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Lash Technicians

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Lash Technicians

Happy New Year BELO Babes!

We want to start 2022 with a bang and share our top tips for your eyelash business, both as a technician and those to pass onto your clients. 

The new year is a time to reflect on the success of your eyelash extension business over the past year- what went well and what could be improved. There’s always room to grow with an eyelash business, whether something could be improved in your treatments like switching to better products, investing in your skills by taking an intensive training course or improving your business’ social media. The foundation of your eyelash business are your lash extension treatments, but as all eyelash technicians know, it’s not the be all and end all. 

Building a rapport with your clients is also key to ensuring the success of your lash business. Effectively communicating with your clients helps to promote your brand or salon, the aftercare of the lash extensions and can generate new business from word-of-mouth recommendations and social media shares. Happy customers means for good business, so along with each tip/ resolution for lash technicians we have included advice on how to make it easier to pass on good habits to your clients.


Use BELO LASH Accounts and Appointment Books!

Our BELO appointment and accounting books are your saving grace for your eyelash extension business. Pretty in pink, the appointment book can help you to manage your schedule as an independent lash technician, whether you’re freelance or renting space in a salon. Keeping organised is a classic new year’s resolution, but being organised is crucial to managing your schedule as an eyelash technician, especially for a small business as cancellations and no-shows can have a negative effect on your income. 

The BELO Appointment and Accounts Book bundle can keep any eyelash technician on top of their workload, so kit out your lash business’ organisational skills save almost 20% on the bundle. The bundle kit enables you to work around your own schedule and fill in dates and appointments as you go. 

How to pass this onto your eyelash extension clients: ensure clients book for infills at your appointment!

Make life easier for yourself and encourage your clients to book in advance and take booking deposits. As a business, you need to be able to forecast income and ensure client loyalty. Making deposits a booking requirement for all eyelash extension treatments and appointments, including infills and removals in advance allows you to estimate your income, and covers some of your losses if you have a no-show.


Stress the importance of the ‘24hr rule’ to clients.

It doesn’t reflect your skills if your customers aren’t looking after their eyelash extensions correctly, so it’s imperative to explain the importance of aftercare for individual lashes. The first 24 hours after an eyelash extension treatment are ‘make or break’ for lashes. 

Have your clients repeat it, sing it, have it tattooed onto their skin: do not get your lashes wet for 24 hours after your treatments!

Aftercare is a longer process than simply the first day, but it’s a good start. Explaining the importance of the curing process in the 24 hours enables lash artists to improve their rapport with clients immediately after the treatment. If this isn’t explained properly you may have a negative association with your work from dissatisfied clients who don’t understand why their eyelash retention is poor.

Improved eyelash aftercare will increase client loyalty and trust as they will see the benefits of your advice and enjoy beautiful full sets for longer! To mitigate the issues surrounding the 24 hour rule and eyelash (and customer) retention try the BELO LASH Little Quickie Superbonder to speed up the curing process


Invest in quality products.

Your skills as a lash technician are what your clients are paying for, however, if you’re using products that don’t reflect your skills you’re wasting your time. Investing in premium quality eyelash extension supplies for your treatments is a top tip to having a successful eyelash extension business and a resolution all lash technicians should adopt!

As a business owner, you need to ensure the services you provide are high-quality, that you gain loyal returning customers and that you manage resources effectively. Premium quality eyelash extension supplies, from the actual eyelashes to adhesives and accessories, are key to ensuring all of these factors. Lash extensions are a treatment where quality is paramount, as you are working on the natural lashes and the sensitive area of the eye. High-quality lash extensions will provide high-quality treatments, meaning happy and loyal customers who return and recommend your lash business. 

However, just because your products are premium quality doesn’t mean you can’t still offer affordable treatments. BELO LASH eyelash extension products are made with care and detail to ensure the top quality for your extensions whilst remaining affordable even for independent lash artists. When it comes to your lash business, your products are a necessary investment.


Beth’s no.1 resolution for lash techs in 2022 is... boss your Instagram game.

Social media is your best friend as an eyelash extension business. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are invaluable to show off your work, reach a wider audience, promote your treatments and help you to engage with your audiences. Not only is social media a crucial element of your business’ marketing strategies, but most clients won’t book for your treatments without first scouting your salon’s  or your individual social media.

Everyone knows, having a lash extension treatment is a personal experience. Your clients want an eyelash technician they can trust. Building a holistic social media presence can drive new business and show an insight into your personality so your clients can see the quality of your work and see whether your personalities are compatible!

We recommend to show a range of treatments on your social media, including classic eyelash extensions, Russian volume lashes and infills to show prospective clients that you offer diverse services. Social media posts are essentially free advertising- unless your choose to use paid ads of course!

Interaction is key on socials:try making a video to show the application of extensions on natural lashes, or how the condition of the natural lashes is preserved after treatments. Or you can simply show off your work!

Follow @belolash on Instagram to see how we boss the Instagram game!  NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION #5

Promote proper aftercare for your clients!

Now we’ve already started to talk about effective eyelash aftercare, but we thought we would go into more detail about how aftercare can not only lead to returning customers but drive revenue through additional retail sales for your lash business.

After your treatments, hand out an aftercare information kit to promote good habits. Include information cards on the importance of eyelash aftercare and a mascara style spoolie to brush through the extensions. At the infill you can assess how well your client followed their eyelash extension aftercare and advise them accordingly. Stock up on BELO LASH aftercare products to drive additional sales and revenue. 

Retail opportunities for lash businesses: BELO Lash Bath Cleanser & BELO LASH Lock It In Sealant

Lash Bath Cleanser

For lash extension aftercare, nothing is as important as cleansing the eyelashes as a part of a proper aftercare routine as clean eyelashes ensure the quality and condition of extensions for longer. 

Tell your clients not to worry- this isn’t a remover! The Lash Bath Cleanser is a shampoo for your eyelash extensions to keep them squeaky clean between treatments. The foam cleanser ensures that the follicles of the eyelash hairs are clean and unblocked, to aid the eyelash growth cycles. 

Clients often forget that lashes are hair and natural lashes do fall out organically, so losing some extensions is inevitable. However, not cleansing eyelashes regularly has a negative impact on eyelash retention, the condition of the extensions and overall eye hygiene.  

Lock It In Sealant

Advise your clients to use an eyelash sealant 2-3 times a week between treatments as a part of their extension aftercare.  

The BELO Lock It In Sealant should be applied with a microbrush. The temptation with the sealant is to use the spoolie applicator and brush through eyelash extensions like a mascara, however, ensure clients only apply the sealant to the base of the lash as the it forms a protective barrier around the adhesive.


Loren's no.1 resolution for lash techs in 2022 is… attend an accredited masterclass training course!

Attending an eyelash extension course to refresh your skills, refine your knowledge and learn new techniques should definitely be a resolution for your personal improvement as a lash technician and to boost your eyelash business. Even lash technicians with years experience can benefit from a day course to learn new skills. Accredited eyelash extension courses show your clients that you actively invest in your skills as a technician. 

A BELO LASH masterclass training course is the perfect opportunity for experienced lash technicians to learn new skills, new lash maps, strip lash mapping and expand your knowledge. As a lash business, keeping up with current trends in eyelash extensions is crucial to offer your clients exciting treatments and bring your lash business to a new level. 

BELO masterclasses require all participants to already hold accredited qualifications in classic eyelash extensions and Russian lashes, as the masterclass is designed to advance existing skills, not as a foundational eyelash extension course. 

If you’re starting out in in the eyelash extension industry and want to learn the basics, enrol in one of our beginner eyelash extension courses for Classic lash and Russian volume applications. 

All of our eyelash extension courses include a full kit and an accredited certificate upon successful completion to take away with you. Hang up your beautiful certificate in your salon or treatment room and post it on the socials!

Book your next lash course with BELO today! 

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