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Pre Made Client Paperwork Packs

Pre Made Client Paperwork Packs

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All the vital documents we need as lash techs and beauty therapists in one easy-to-use bundle!

The BELO Lash client paperwork packs are designed to simplify your lash extension processes to make sure nothing gets missed or overlooked. Our BELO Lash Paperwork Packs include:

  • Client record cards and consultation forms
  • Aftercare cards 
  • Policies and procedures cards

These packs ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork ready to go for every client, helping you to save time both pre-treatment and post-treatment. 

Who said paperwork couldn’t be pink and pretty?

Client record cards

When we take on a new client, it is essential to ask them to fill out a client record card and consultation form before looking at eyelash extensions. It is important to ask your new clients to fill this out pre pre-treatment as it will not only give us the chance to talk with the client about the look they are wanting to achieve but also cover all relevant medical history and conditions. This consultation will enable you to find out any information which could be a contra-indication. 

The client record cards also help you to learn the basic but vital information about any new clients such as their name, age, and how best to contact them. These in-depth record cards protect us from any potential problems post-treatment. 

Aftercare cards

Educating our clients about aftercare for their eyelash extensions is an essential step in the process to not just achieving, but maintaining flawless lashes. We see it on social media every day, and our aftercare cards help guide clients through a step by step process on how to care for their lashes once they've left our salon. 

It is our duty as lash technicians to share knowledge of how to properly care for and treat the area post treatment. Never assume because someone has previously received a treatment that they have been given aftercare advice! Yes, we the lash technicians know about aftercare, but do the clients? 

Aftercare for eyelash extensions is something you can talk through with every new client. As well as providing them with this card to take away with them, you could create aftercare bundles which can include products such as a lash cleanser and lash wand to help keep their lash extensions looking fab long after they've left your salon. 

What are the benefits of Aftercare Cards?

  • A polished, professional presentation makes these cards a great resource for clients to refer back to.
  • Clear information helps lash techs save time and streamline their process.
  • All necessary information is organised into a few small, cute cards for convenience.
  • Aftercare cards boost client satisfaction by giving them top tips about how to care for their eyelash extensions post-treatment.
  • Seeing this useful and attractive resource reminds clients to book their next appointment!

Policies and procedure cards

Ultimately the rule book of our business! This is something we need to have in place to cover things like booking fees, cancellation policies, and also lateness. These policies are put in place to protect us as a business and set clear expectations, preventing any unnecessary awkwardness between us and the client. It’s useful to provide clients with a copy of this information so they can refer back to it whenever they need to. 

Paperwork Packs include:

  • Client consultation form/client record card (25pcs)
  • Aftercare cards (25pcs)
  • Business policy sheets (25pcs)
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