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Training with Belo Lash

We offer a variety of training courses to suit every individual including:


Foundational knowledge needed to kickstart your career in eyelash extensions. Choose this lash course to learn the fundamentals of individual eyelash extensions, classic eyelash techniques, eye anatomy, aftercare and more.


For those who want to build on their foundational knowledge, this lash course enables you to learn the Russian volume eyelash technique and offer their clients more varied, comprehensive treatments.


The training course for experienced lash techs that hold the above certifications and wish to advance their skills through complex and take their business to the next level.

All of our courses are fully insurable and accredited by LASH INC, global specialists in eyelash extension course accreditation and validation.

Why choose a BELO LASH eyelash extension course?

BELO LASH training courses set you ahead of other lash courses. Using the expertise of not one, but two professional lash artists, we provide comprehensive educational training which incorporates modern, on trend practical techniques. You can benefit from double the knowledge, guidance and feedback throughout our training day course and leave feeling confident in your new skills.

Our course prices include a full BELO LASH kit consisting of all the products we use and recommend. We provide you with ample amount to get you stared in your new career following training!

We offer ongoing support following completion of your course through email, social media and our facebook community group. We consistently track the progress of our students, and we are always available should you need further guidance, feedback or assistance.


All bookings for lash courses can be made directly below and a £100 booking fee is required to secure your place on the desired date.

Please note: the booking fee is non refundable and cannot be transferred to an alternative date. For exceptional circumstances the transfer of a booking fee to a new date is at the company’s discretion.


Completing our classic lash course will be the first step in your new career of semi permanent lashes! Classic lash application, also known as the 1:1 method, is where one single synthetic lash is placed onto one natural lash.


Once you have completed a classic lash course, you can then progress onto learning the skill of Russian application. The Russian lash method is where multiple synthetic lashes are placed onto one natural lash.


Our advanced masterclass has been designed specifically for lash technicians that already hold classic and Russian certification, and are wanting to take their business to the next level.



Our eyelash extension courses begin with theory-based learning, covering everything from hygienic and safe practice, aftercare and client communication to the anatomy of the eye and eyelash growth cycles. 

Going through our in depth manual, we provide students with all of the knowledge they need to provide their clients with the best treatments and service possible. 

Students then practice applying eyelash extensions to a mannequin head or sponge to hone their new skills and techniques.


As an extension of the morning provision, the afternoon of our training days enable students to apply their knowledge to complete a set of semi permanent lash extensions on a live model with our guidance and support.


On the beginner courses, trainers will assess students on competence and confidence in completing your live assessment.

If you pass your assessment, certification will be granted on the day. If we feel any areas need improvement or do not pass the criteria we may ask students to send case studies to be reviewed before receiving certification.


Our BELO eyelash extension courses are accredited so learners can go on to gain insurance once certification is gained.

On completion of the lash course you will be given contact details for both trainers and access to our Facebook and social media communities for ongoing support.

You are now representing the Belo brand!


Included in the cost of all out training courses is a full BELO kit with everything you need to start your own business. Learners will also take home our in depth manual to review at their leisure.

In the kits you will receive all of the tools you need to get started on your journey become an lash extension specialist:

1x Priming Agent
1x Remover
1x Adhesive
1x Lash Trays
1x Tape
Gel Eye Pads
Surgical Face Masks
Lash Wands
Lip applicators
Micro brushes
1x Isolator Tweezer
1x Volume Tweezer
Alcohol Wipes

Cute extras will be added!

Please note: The kit provided may vary depending on course purchased.


Besides fundamental lash extension practice and the latest eyelash techniques, you will learn in depth theory behind eyelash extension treatments including:

Preparation of the work area prior to treatment
Safe and hygienic practices
Health and safety
Anatomy of the eye and the lash growth cycle
Taping up and preparing the eye for treatment
Isolation and application techniques
How to safely hold and use your work tools (tweezers)
Safe removal / infill
Lash mapping and styling
Tips on setting up your business and marketing
Social media
How to maintain a professional image
Insurance advice
Live demonstrations from both Beth and Loren

Are you ready to kickstart your career and become a professional lash artist?

Our eyelash extension courses provide you with all of the fundamental skills and knowledge you need, as well as pro techniques and in depth tuition to become an accredited eyelash professional.

Training with BELO LASH gives you the edge in the competitive eyelash extension industry, as your clients are assured they are in the best hands with our strong brand image.

Our continued support and community of BELO babes ensure your consistent growth and development in providing premium individual eyelash extensions for your clients!

BELO LASH eyelash extension courses are hosted at All BELO LASH training courses are based in Middleton, near Manchester, at BELO HQ. If you would like directions, please find our location here.

Unit 6A
3 East View
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