Velvet Russian Lashes

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Our best-selling super soft, matte volume eyelashes! BELO LASH Velvet Russian Volume lashes save the day when it comes to creating beautiful wispy and fluffy eyelash extensions.

We recommend that our Velvet Russians are used for volume lash extension treatments rather than classic lashes as the lighter diameter of the lash is more suited to creating volume fans over 1:1 classic eyelash application. 

Perfect for any Russian lash look, BELO Velvet Lashes enable lash technicians to create seriously envy-worthy eyelash extensions for their clients, adding volume, length and drama.

Velvet Lash Curls

Our BELO babes know that offering your clients Russian Volume treatments is all about creating unique eyelash looks. That’s why we have a wide range of curls to choose from for our Velvet Russian lashes!

Our Velvet Russian volume extensions are lightweight enough to be used in both volume (2D-6D) treatments and mega volume treatments (6D+). 

VELVET volume lashes stocked in:

  • Diameter: 0.03 & 0.05d
  • Curls: C, CC, D & DD curls

Velvet Lashes Lengths

Our Velvet Russians are available in mixed lash trays with a range of eyelash extension lengths or in full trays of one length.  

  • Mixed lash trays available: in 8-15mm, 12-18mm & 16-20mm
  • Individual length trays available from 9-18mm

For Russian lash extensions, advanced lash techs should use a fast-drying adhesive to create their volume fans. For beginners, use a glue with a slightly longer drying time to ensure you apply the eyelash extension correctly for better retention.

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Additional Information

Weight0.032 kg

0.03, 0.05


C, D, DD, CC


9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, Mix Tray 8-15mm, Mix Tray 12-18mm, Mix Tray 16-20mm, 8mm

36 reviews for Velvet Russian Lashes

  1. Dashesoflashesleicester (verified owner)

    Best lashes out there, they fan like butter, would suit anyone and everyone no matter their experience, ,the flexibility is endless AMAZING for thick full looks & for subtle natural looks! They Hold their curl very well and they’re so dark and fluffy! My absolute GO TO X

  2. Wendy Clapham (verified owner)

    Love these lashes so much! They fan so easily I was finding it really hard to learn doing Russians and these fans changed the game. Honestly would recommend to everyone such an amazing look

  3. Jordanne Gibson-Harrison

    Love how fluffy these lashes are, I mainly use 0.03 but the 0.05s are just as good!! Mega volume, hybrid or natural – you can achieve any style with these! These fan so easy as well. I’ve used many brands and I don’t think any of them will ever top belo lashes, so glad I found this brand as it’s upped my lash game massively. Xx

  4. Demi (verified owner)

    I have been lashing for 3 years and always struggled to find the perfect lashes to fan with, and I have finally found them! These are amazing, fan so easily for wiggle technique and base is always a sharp point after peeling off strip! Amazing, wouldn’t use any other lashes now x

  5. Maddy Long (verified owner)

    I don’t think I will use any other brand of lashes now I work with these. They fan so easily, aren’t dead thick and plastics, and create such fluffy sets effortlessly. These lashes make amazing narrow and wide fans, peel of the strip easy too ! They are honestly the best of the best !

  6. Ella hadley

    Amazing to create super fluffy sets
    With! I use both 0.03 and 0.05 and they both fan so easily and quickly! There super black and dark compared to lots of other Brands I’ve tried and the curl is amazeeee xx

  7. Dani

    Amazing lashes, won’t go anywhere else.

  8. Elisha Mai

    I LOVE LOVE Love these lashes. They are the best I have ever used. They are so versatile for thick full fluffy mega looks or more natural volume sets. They are so black and fluffy & a dream to fan! Don’t ever stop making these as they are all I will use now x

  9. Charlotte Hainsworth (verified owner)

    Best lashes to use. Fan like a dream! Black and fluffy lashes every time love them

  10. Shaun Flanagan (verified owner)

    Took me a few goes to get used to them but now I’m Obsessed, they look so good and have been the best brand I’ve tried so far. Ordered 8 more trays!!


    These lashes are amazing. They fan perfect everytime even if you’re not confident in handmade Russian lashes these will not let you down! Super curly & light on the eyes even in mega volume sets ? these girls truly smashed it

  12. Leandre (verified owner)

    The best lashes by far,I’m always buying Belo the jet blackness and the ease of fanning is just outstanding,everything you girls touch turns to gold,and I am a major fan as you may know from my constant orders.

  13. Nina (verified owner)

    Ordered these lashes after reading the amazing reviews and wow they weren’t lying! They fan like a dream! So easy to fan and they are so fluffy and jet black! I absolutely love these lashes they’re the best! X

  14. Ashley McGeachie (verified owner)

    Favourite lashes ever!!! They can so easily, they’re super fluffy and my sets are just perfect since switching! They’ve made lashing an actual dream!

  15. Rosa (verified owner)

    I have absolutely fell in love with this lash range! I can’t get over how beautiful the lashes fan! I get stunning results every time! I will absolutely continue to use Belo Lash and I can’t wait to try out their other products!

  16. Ralitsa Kitova (verified owner)

    I’ve been lashing for 2 years and I can finally say I found THE LASHES! They are so soft, black, easy to fan and the results at the end are amazing! Honestly I can’t be any happier with them! ?

  17. McKenzie (verified owner)

    Love love love these lashes! I use 0.05 and they are so easy to fan & make the fluffiest sets!

  18. Opal Cromie (verified owner)

    Recently discovered Belo Lash and I am obsessed with it all but these Velvet lashes have my heart. Adore the 0.03 and 0.05 could recommend more… @opazbeauty

  19. Kayleighalexander09

    Bought the mix set first and I have been using them the past few weeks and my clients have been loving the look they create. They are also so easy to work with. 1 thing I will say is I would love to have 8mm set of these other than in the mix box x

  20. kayla macura (verified owner)

    These have became one of the BEST lashes i have ever used!! They fab out so beautifully and barely have to release to get that beautifully created fan !! I love using the .03 for my Russian sets and the .05 for my hybrids !! These lashes are so dark and luscious I love using them on a daily bases!

  21. Lizzie (verified owner)

    By far the best lashes I’ve worked with to date, qualified for 18 months and these really do fam like a dream. If you’re new to lashing these are an absolute must! I won’t lie they make me feel like an absolute pro at fans

  22. Oliwiamilewska (verified owner)

    I’ve used easy fans ever since I started lashing and been so scared to make the switch to normal fanning but oh my gee these are amazing I literally cannot go back now I wish I used these so much sooner 10/10 would recommend

  23. Lou Harris (verified owner)

    These lashes fan like a DREAM! A must need in your kit. You can create such banging sets with these. Perfect from a volume set to spikes. These lashes never fail me and are my faveeee!!! Xx

  24. elle-mai (verified owner)

    The best lashes I wouldn’t use any other xxxx

  25. Lashes by Heidi mai

    These lashes fan like butter ! Always struggled to fan lashes but these are a game changer like the velour range !! So dark & fluffy , really thick which helps you create that dark lash line effect ! I love 0.05 & pairing it with bestie bond glue ! They attach to the natural lash so easy ! These lashes are a dream so impressed ! Xxx

  26. Rae meadows (verified owner)

    Honestly changed my lash game with these lashes!! All my sets turn out unreal and they are so quick and easy to fan with the pinch technique. Won’t use anything else now xx

  27. Kelly atkinson (verified owner)

    AMAZING products!!!! Very easy to Fan. Light weight & very fast service. The insta team are brillant!! Love them

  28. Justice Ward (verified owner)

    THE best lashes, since using these I seen such a massive difference in my sets and ALL of my clients have complimented how much they love them! I would go anywhere else!

  29. Katie Kane (verified owner)

    The best lashes to fan ever… like BUTTER! Have used them ever since I first trained and don’t think I’d change 😍

  30. Ella (verified owner)

    My Go-To lashes! They fan like a dream, So fluffy and create the perfect sets!

  31. Chloe Ashcroft (verified owner)

    Best lashes! These Lashes literally Fan Perfectly, ever since I started using these I’d never use any other lash Brand, best you can get!

  32. ByKateAlicia (verified owner)

    Spent so long looking for the perfect lashes and I’ve finally found them! They work for both super fluffy “messy” mega volume Russians, and also super neat russian sets! Obsessed 🤍

  33. Hollie Bedford (verified owner)

    Absolutely obsessed with the velvet w lashes ! My faves are 0.03! So soft and easy to fan! All of my students love them too! I’ll never use anything else xx

  34. Robert Dooley (verified owner)

    Would definitely recommend the mixed trays to anyone who is training. Bond really well to the natural lash and create the perfect fan. Absolutely amazing quality.

  35. Lily (verified owner)

    Love these lashes! tried them on my masterclass training course with Hollie Bedford and now i’ve tried them im obsessed! fan like a dream and look so full and fluffy!

  36. Alisha

    The best lashes I’ve ever used! Couldn’t reccomend any more

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