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Easy fan lashes are the quick and easy way to create perfect volume fans for your lash extension treatments. Easy fans are great for beginner lash techs who are struggling with the handmade fan technique and those who want to speed up their treatments!

Easy fans are heat bonded at the base of the synthetic lash to create instant volume fans without relying solely on glue. Using the pinch method, there’s no need for adhesive to bond the fan together. To secure your easy volume fan to the natural lash, use an adhesive of your choice. We recommend BELO Bulletproof or Bestie.

Easy Fan Lash Curls:

We have created BELO easy fan volume eyelash extensions in a range of lash lengths, curls and thicknesses.

Diameter: 0.03d & 0.05d

Curl: C curl & D curl 

Easy Fan Lash Lengths:

As with the rest of our range of volume lashes, we stock our easy fans in lash trays of mixed lengths and full trays of a single length. 

Mixed eyelash trays are available in: 8-15mm & 12-18mm

Single lash length trays range from: 10-16mm

About BELO LASH Easy Fans:

BELO eyelash extensions are made from high quality, lightweight Korean PBT material. The lightweight, matte velvet finish of our easy fans is perfect to create soft, wispy volume and mega volume eyelash extension sets.  

Easy fan eyelash extensions are a great alternative to pre-made volume fans. Pre-made fans are machine-made lash fans which do not provide the same customisable effect as the easy fan volume lashes. Though you can find many good quality pre-mades on the market, we recommend to opt for handmade fans, either from easy fans or regular volume lashes, or pro-made fans.

Using BELO Easy Fan lashes, you have more control over the volume and thickness of your sets, allowing you to create fluffier custom sets for your clients. Easy fan eyelash extensions have all of the benefits of volume lash fans, without the faff. 

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0.03, 0.05


C, D, CC


10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, Mix 8-15mm, Mix 12-18mm, 9mm

16 reviews for VELVET Easy Fan Lashes

  1. Beth (verified owner)

    As someone who struggles to fan lashes these are the best thing! They bloom so easily and keep their form the whole time you’re handling them. Used with the blast fast glue, the lashes last forever! I’m never left disappointed after completing a set when using these lashes. I wouldn’t use anything else!

  2. Kimberley Hocking (verified owner)

    absolutely LOVE these lashes, they’re super easy to work with, fan like a dream and look GORG!!! Belo have me HOOKED on ALL of their products, DO NOT HESITATE!!! Xo

  3. Dana Brophy (verified owner)

    Love these lashes so much. Fan really easily and have sped up my lashing along with the fast blast glue. Tried loads of other brands and feel I’ve definitely levelled up with these products. Fluffy as ever! Sets looking like they’ve had an upgrade🦋 THANKS BELO!

  4. Phoebe (verified owner)

    Hands down the best lashes I’ve tried so far and I’ve been lashing for a couple years! The bases are snatched and they fan like butter. Can’t wait to order more once they’ve been re-stocked!!

  5. kayla macura (verified owner)

    These lashes are SO easy to fan and they’re one of the darkest lashes i’ve used yet!! I can’t wait for my black friday order to come in because i ordered so many of these lashes!! The bases thin out so nicely and not T bases!

  6. sophie astley (verified owner)

    These lashes are so easy to fan! I’ve only been doing lashes for about 3 months now and I’m still learning and the easy fans make the process so much easier!
    They are also super soft I will definitely be getting more

  7. Lashes by Heidi mai (verified owner)

    I love these lashes ! They fan little butter ! Supper soft & fluffy creating darker looking sets ! These lashes are a dream to work with ! So impressed ! Pairing it with the bestie bond glue ! Would deftinley recommend for a beginner !Xxxx

  8. Shona (verified owner)

    I can’t get enough of this product! For someone who uses easy fans because I struggle with self fanning, I’m very glad I found this brand! After trying countless of brands this is absolutely by far the best. I came across them on Instagram and first of all fell in love with there pink themed page and trays (always helps) but when I ordered these lashes, I had no idea how blown away I’d be with the quality. They are so soft! And they literally do exactly what they say. They fan so easily and whilst doing that, create THE MOST gorgeous lash fans. I feel like these lashes haven’t only helped me with being such good quality, but they have restored my confidence in knowing I can create those full, fluffy sets, without any worries about timing or creating the perfect hand made fan. Belo lash will always now be my go to brand, and any lash tech that hasn’t yet tried it, simply must. It’s not just made a difference to me, but my clients too, they love how soft and fluffy they feel. I paired this product with the lash sealant and you can certainly say the lashes are sealed! The difference in retention is amazing. I’m so glad I came across this brand, and they seem so friendly and helpful too! If you haven’t bought yet, do! It’s not a want it’s a need!

  9. Emilyrosemcd (verified owner)

    Amazing lashes!! The best i’ve used in sooo long can create amazing sets with these so fluffy and easy to fan ❤️

  10. Jess (verified owner)

    By far the best easy fans I’ve ever used!!! So easy to do, saves time, doesn’t affect retention and DONT close up (which is probably one of the biggest problems I’ve found) can’t recommend these enough, my absolute go to!

  11. Katie Scales (verified owner)

    If only you could touch lashes through the screen before you buy.. These are a dream!! I’ve heard amazing reviews about BELO so thought i would try them out. I was not disappointed honestly these are the softest lashes ever and fan so easy. Thankyou girls xxx

  12. Tierra (verified owner)

    Wow!! After sticking to the same brand for 6 years, I thought I’d order some Belo Lashes to see what the hype was and I completely get it now!! I only received these today but from having a little practise with them I can already tell they are going to be my new go to😍. Beautiful packaging and lashes are so easy to fan…Thank you!!

  13. liinu (verified owner)

    The BEST lashes ive tried!! Fan like a dream, bases are snatched and hold the shape perfectly!! The darkest and fluffiest fans ever make every set look soo full. 10/10 !!

  14. Katherine (verified owner)

    WOWZA! I’m most deff in love with these 0.03 fluffy soft beauties.! Fan out lovely.i didn’t have a problem with fans closing at all or being too tacky at the root. They also give a lovely thin base and attach to the natural lash beautifully .! Retention has been great with them so far .im looking forward to trying more products.!

  15. Chloe Uptom (verified owner)

    The packaging for starters 😍 I used these when I first started out using belo lash products these were one of the first products I tried & I fell in love instantly!! they fan so easily I’ll forever be hooked on belo lash products 💁🏽‍♀️Xx

  16. Ella (verified owner)

    I was recommended these lashes and they did not disappoint. I have used a few other brands and these now are my go to lash for hybrid and volume! They literally fan so easy, my clients say they feel so light and they look so fluffy. 10/10! Perfect lashes xx

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What is the difference between regular volume lashes and fast fans?

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