Pre Made Client Paperwork Packs



Pack includes

• client consultation/record forms x25pcs

• aftercare cards x25pcs

• business policy sheets x25pcs

All vital documents we need as lash techs/beauty therapists in one bundle

What are the benefits and importance of keeping said documents?

client consultation forms – when we take on a new client this is something we should be asking our client to fill out pre treatment! a client consultation form will not only give us the chance to talk with the client about the look they are wanting to achieve but also cover medical history/ conditions that may act as a contra-indication and also certain requirements such as age etc! going in depth on the consultation will protect us from a lot of potential problems post treatment!

policies and procedures – ultimately the rule book of our business! something we usually tend to have in place to cover for things like booking fees/ cancellations and also lateness. policies are put in place to protect us as a business but also to prevent any awkwardness between ourself and the client should any issues arise you can refer back to policies and advise client they agreed to the rules set by you on signing this document!

aftercare cards – educating our clients about aftercare is so important we see it all over social media everyday it is our duty to share knowledge of how to properly care for and treat the area post treatment! never assume because someone has previously received a treatment that they have been given aftercare advise! this is something you can talk through with your client alternatively you can give your client this card to take away with them along with products to promote the cause such as cleanser/ lash wand for everyday grooming!

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