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VELOUR Russian Lashes

VELOUR Russian Lashes

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Velvet Volume Lashes

BELO Velour Russian lashes are dark, high gloss eyelash extensions, for clients who want that luxe lash look! 

Our Velour Russian lashes are perfect for creating advanced mega volume looks and strip-lash maps, as the ultra black finish of the lash extensions gives a dark lash line effect. Dramatic and dynamic, velour volume lashes are the eyelash extensions of choice for baddies!

VELOUR Lash Curls:

With our Velour Lashes, you can provide your clients with a range of premium quality, advanced volume eyelash looks in a range of lash curls and thicknesses.

VELOUR lashes stocked in:

  • Diameter: 0.05d & 0.07d
  • Curl: C curl & D curl 

VELOUR Lash Lengths:

We've made our Velour Volume Lashes available in a range of lengths to suit different lengths of your clients natural lashes.  

  • Mixed eyelash trays available in: 8-15mm & 12-18mm
  • Individual length trays are available from: 9-16mm

About BELO Velour Lashes:

Velour lashes are the perfect choice for clients who want a full drama eyelash look with a glossy finish. 

All BELO products are designed for professional eyelash extension application treatments. Velour individual lashes are designed specifically for the Russian Volume Lash technique so we do not advise that they are used for classic lashes.

Please note: BELO Velour lashes are individual lashes, not pre-made fans or pro made fans. However, each individual Velour lash extension will fan easily using the 'pinch method'! Be sure to secure your lash fan with adhesive as Velour lashes are not heat-bonded like our Easy Fan lashes. We recommend our Bulletproof or Bestie Bond adhesives for ultimate eyelash extension retention.

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