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Pretty In Premade Wispy Fans

Pretty In Premade Wispy Fans

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If you're struggling to master the handmade volume technique with your lash extensions, or you just want to create wispy lash looks in record time, our Pretty In Premade Wispy Fans are here to help! These premade lash fans are the perfect eyelash extensions for anyone who wants to achieve perfect wispy looks every time. 

Achieving that flawless wispy look has never been easier with our premade lash fans. BELO Lash's Pretty in Premade Wispy Fans are made with premium materials to ensure your gorgeously glam extensions are built to last. Each lash fan is heat bonded at its base to help make application and adhesion even easier. All you need to do is apply the premade fans to the natural lashes and before you know it you'll have beautiful wispy volume lashes with none of the fuss!

Using our premade wispy lashes will also help you save time on volume treatments as you won't have to start from scratch and create the fans or wisps by hand. But don't worry about sacrificing quality; every single one of our premade fans has been carefully made with evenly distributed fibres to create that fluffy, volume effect! You can also use a faster drying adhesive with these lashes since you'll no longer have to account for fanning time.

Whether you want to create a natural lash look or experiment with volume lashes, our Pretty in Premade Wispy Fans are sure to help you put together the perfect lashes for your clients.

About our Pretty in Premade Wispy Fans

Each premade fan, made of high quality PBT material, features a super short snatched stem to ensure accurate application and a super lightweight finish. Heat bonded at the base to mimic handmade lash fans, the snatched heat bonded base of these premade fans makes it easy for the adhesive to sufficiently wrap the extension and the natural eyelash in application.

If this is your first time working with wispy lashes, our premade fans make applying wispy eyelash extensions so much easier. The different lash lengths are carefully arranged before being bonded to create those feathery spikes, which means you can skip right to application. Their wide, even distribution results in super fluffy wispy lashes that will help you put together a beautiful volume effect for your clients. 

These wispy lash extensions are the perfect choice for both hybrid and volume lashes. Hybrid lashes are great if you're putting together a more natural lash look that has just the right amount of added drama – perfect for everyday wear. For volume lashes, our wispy premade fans can offer the eye-popping length and curl we all love from volume lashes. The added texture from wispy lashes will help to create a feathery, dramatic look for clients who want to go full glam.

Each tray of Premade Wispy Fans includes 500 premade lash fans to help you put together the perfect custom lash extensions for your clients. We recommend pairing our premade wispy lashes with our best-selling Bulletproof Bond Adhesive or Bulletproof Max to help you complete volume last sets in the same amount of time as classic lashes. With this winning combo, you'll quickly be known for offering the fastest Russian Volume treatment in town!

(PS. You can also check out our entire collection of adhesives to find the perfect eyelash glue for your custom extensions.)

Premade Wispy Fan Lengths:

Our Premade Wispy Fans come in varying lengths ranging from 9mm - 16mm in each tray to help create the fluffiest wispy lashes.

Premade Wispy Fan Curl

If your client is looking for the perfect Russian Volume lashes, you're in luck. Our premade wispy lashes are available in our fan-favourite D curl, a versatile curl type that works with both natural lash looks and volume lashes.

Each 7D fan also has extra added wisp for an even fluffier, feathery look.

How to apply your Pretty in Premade Wispy Fans

To create the perfect volume lashes with our premade fans, we recommend using an angled tweezer like our favourite 45 Degree Tweezer. With its grooved handle, this tweezer will provide a secure grip to ensure accurate application at all times.

Our premade lash fans are quite delicate so make sure you're using a steady hand to carefully pick up each fan. Use a gentle but firm pressure on the tweezer to pick up the fan from the tray, making sure you're tweezing the bottom of the fan to prevent the lashes from falling apart. Then, dip the base of the fan into the centre of a fresh drop of eyelash adhesive.

Once the fan has picked up a small amount of glue, apply it on top of one isolated natural eyelash. Make sure you've isolated each lash correctly to avoid damaging your client’s natural lashes. 

After you've applied all the lashes, use a clean lash wand to gently brush through them to make sure the extensions are evenly spaced, securely bonded, and perfectly fluttery. 

Before you know it, you'll have created the perfect volume lash look with your new favourite wispy lashes!

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