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Lash Fan

Lash Fan

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Pink kitty light up lash fan.

The Pink Kitty Light up lash fan is your cutest new assistant for lash extension treatments!

This multipurpose fan for lash extensions helps to save time on your lash eyelash extension treatments and aids post-treatment lash glue curing. Choose between 3 speed settings for the fan, so you can ensure to fully cure each set of eyelash extensions thoroughly, whether it's a Classics, Volume or Mega Volume set.

Eyelash fans can also be used after a lash bath to cut the length of time natural lashes need to dry before applying a new set of extensions. This is especially important for infill appointments, as fans for lashes can ensure the length of the appointment does not run over. 

An added benefit of using this fan for eyelash extensions is to remove adhesive/ glue fumes from the client's eye area to minimise discomfort. The handheld mini fan allows you to get close to the eyelashes with ease and direct the air where you need it. 

The lash fan also benefits from a built-in ring light with 2 brightness settings. This light can be used for final check throughs of the eyelash extensions and to ensure the perfect lighting when shooting content for your portfolio or lash Instagram. 

Lash Fan Feature Summary:

This fan for lash extensions has a range of beneficial features which can aid your eyelash treatments.

  • 3 Speed Settings.
  • Ring light function with 2 light settings.
  • Comfortable base with ergonomic design for easy use. 
  • Battery operated, batteries not included. 

Please ensure to dispose of the batteries for this lash fan responsibly, or recycle them at a local supermarket. 

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