BELO LASH Bulletproof Adhesive and Bulletproof Max Adhesive

How to Choose the Right Lash Adhesive for You

As every lash tech knows, your eyelash treatments are only as good as you products. But how do you choose the right lash adhesive for your eyelash treatments?

Choosing the right lash glue depends entirely on your personal lashing style, your skill level and the finish your client is looking for in their eyelash extensions. We understand it can be frustrating, particularly when you’re just starting out in the world of eyelash extensions to find the adhesive that is the right fit.

At BELO, we’re not only here to provide the best luxury lash products on the market, but with advice on how you can improve your lashing practice. Here’s how to choose the right lash adhesive for you to ensure that your lash sets are of the utmost quality for your clients.

What are the main factors to consider when choosing an eyelash extension glue?

BELO LASH Bulletproof Adhesive and Bulletproof Max AdhesiveThe main factors to consider when you choose the right adhesive for you and your clients are:

  • Your lashing speed
  • The fumes from the adhesive
  • The desired effect for your client
  • The environment you’re lashing in

Why is lashing speed important when choosing a lash adhesive?

Lashing speed is arguably the most important factor in your adhesive choice. Essentially, the eyelash glue that you choose must have a curing (drying) time which is appropriate for your lashing speed.

If you’re a beginner lash tech, chances are, you’re going to require more time to secure the lash extension onto the natural lash. If you choose a fast-drying lash adhesive as a beginner, the glue will probably dry before you secure the extension properly. This will negatively impact the retention of your lash sets, as the adhesive will not have enough time to wrap the base of the natural lash before it sets.

At BELO we have created a range of lash adhesives that are suitable for all skill abilities, with glue drying times ranging from 0.5 seconds all the way to 1-2 seconds!

Glue for Beginner Lash Techs:

Baby Bond Lash Adhesive

BELO LASH Baby Bond adhesive is a versatile lash glue which is pink in colour and transparent when dry. This glue is suitable for beginners and experienced lash techs who require a little more time to place the extensions.

Baby Bond has a drying time of 1-2 seconds and can provide up to 6 weeks of retention when applied properly! We always recommend prepping the natural lashes with our Forever Fix Primer to remove any oils or reside from the lashes before applying extensions. This will ensure you have the perfect base for the glue to adhere properly.

Lash Glue for Beginner to Experienced Lash Techs:

Bestie Bond Lash Adhesive

Bestie bond is a super strong black lash adhesive with a 1-2 second drying time. This glue has a long enough dry time for beginners to use, but does not hinder the practice of experienced lash techs, depending on your lashing style.

This glue has a thin viscosity and is suitable for both classic and volume treatments. This glue combines ethyl 2- cyanoacrylate and Alkox 2 – Cyanoacrylate, creating a strong bond between the extension and the eyelashes. This combination of adhesive agents ensures the bond is flexible enough to endure the lash growth cycle.

Glue for Experienced Lash Techs:

Bulletproof Bond Lash Adhesive

Bulletproof Bond is our all-time best selling professional eyelash glue with a 1 second drying time, promising ultimate retention for your clients. Bulletproof is legendary for its super strong bond and ultra dark finish.

The thin viscosity of this Ethyl Cyanoacrylate-based glue makes it super easy to work with and fast drying, and promises insane retention when used properly. Bulletproof boasts the same formula as Bestie, just with a quicker drying time, so ensure to shake the bottle well to properly mix the ingredients in the glue before use.

Lash Glue for Advanced Lash Techs:

Bulletproof Max Lash Adhesive

Bulletproof Max is the new and improved version of our Bulletproof Bond, with a super quick drying time of 0.5 seconds. This glue is suitable for advanced lash techs who can work at a fast pace when applying lash extensions.
This professional eyelash glue has a super low viscosity for rapid curing, and features PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) which is a chemical compound used to strengthen the Ethyl Cyanoacrylate base and speed up the curing process. If you’re an advanced lash tech looking to speed up their treatments and reduce the chance of stickies, this adhesive is for you!

Why do I need to consider fumes when choosing the right lash adhesive?

Let’s be honest, no one wants to use a lash adhesive with very strong fumes, it’s uncomfortable for you as a technician and for your clients.

For clients with sensitive eyes, the glue fumes can make-or-break their eyelash treatment experience. Sensitive clients will need an eyelash glue with low fumes, luckily, all BELO adhesives benefit from having as minimal fumes as possible.

It is important to ensure that your lash adhesive is latex-free for those with allergies, always discern between clients with sensitive eyes and those with allergies. All BELO LASH eyelash extension glues are latex-free.

ALWAYS perform a patch test on new clients to ensure they do not suffer from allergic reactions to adhesives. Remember that most eyelash glues contain skin irritants, so the best way to perform a patch test is to apply one individual eyelash on your client’s natural lashes at least 48 hours before your client’s lash appointment to ensure they do not react to the glue.

Different lash glues provide different finishes

Another factor to keep in mind when choosing lash extension glue is the colour and finish of the glue. Clients who prefer a natural look may prefer an eyelash extension glue that dries clear as opposed to black. Volume and Mega Volume clients who love drama will likely prefer the finish of a black lash adhesive which creates a dark lash line.

Control the conditions of your lashing environment

Every lash extension glue will have different humidity and temperature conditions under which it will perform optimally. You must ensure that your treatment room humidity and temperature is monitored closely at all times. If your room conditions do not align with the optimal range of humidity and temperature for your adhesive, the retention of your sets will suffer.

The (very) general rule is that glues with a faster drying time perform better under high humidity levels, where slower drying glues prefer a relatively low humidity. Most lash adhesives will perform well at a temperature just above normal room temperature.

Humidity ranges for the BELO adhesive range:

Baby Bond: 50-65% humidity, 22-24 degrees.

Bestie Bond: 60-65% humidity, 22-24 degrees.

Bulletproof Bond: 55-65% humidity, 22-24 degrees.

Bulletproof Max: 55-65% humidity, 22-24 degrees.

Ready to choose the right lash adhesive?

At BELO, we have created our range of eyelash extension glues to ensure that every lash tech, whether you have just qualified or you are an advanced lash artist can experience the quality and retention power of BELO Lash. Assess everything that you want out of your adhesive and choose the  right lash adhesive for you!

Still unsure on which eyelash extension glue is right for you? Our range of adhesives are now available in samples so you can try before committing to a full bottle of glue. Simply select the ‘2ml’ option of each eyelash glue.

Product disclaimer:

Please be aware that all BELO products are intended for professional use in eyelash extension treatments. Eyelash adhesive for lash extensions is not the same glue as eyelash glue for strip lashes.

Do not attempt to use BELO products if you are not a trained eyelash technician or are planning to use these products for self-application.

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